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Ange | 54 comments Mod
Here we can discuss the second half of East of Eden

message 2: by MªJesús (new)

MªJesús Tovar | 20 comments I’ve finished chapter 40 and I’m thinking about Kate. Is she weakening or is she still capable of hatching a plan against someone?
I start to like Cal, he’s more complex than Aron and his view of reality is more clear.

message 3: by Henna (new)

Henna (hennasbooks) | 4 comments I checked my notes from chapter 40 and those where my thoughts as well. She seems to be getting weaker, but I was contemplating whether it made her "safer" or more dangerous.

message 4: by Ange (new)

Ange | 54 comments Mod
I agree about chapter 40, she is definitely weakening. But I'm sure everything she has done in her life would come with some sort of paranoia. Even though she doesn't seem to have any regrets, I'm sure it's always in the back of her mind about being caught. Why else would she change her name, after she left Adam.

Also I think it just might make her more dangerous.

message 5: by Quirkyreader (new)

Quirkyreader | 14 comments I got to chapter 40 last night. I had to put the book down to get some sleep.

I think Cathy is "slowing" down because she is perceiving her arthritis as weakness. And she feels like she isn't in control anymore.

Sylvia M Anderson | 2 comments Just finished the book. I was so upset because I feel like I have become so invested in these folks that I didn’t want the story to end!! I’ll wait to discuss the story until more folks have finished as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone (this is my first group so I’m not sure if that is correct behavior?). Anyway, this was my first John Steinbeck novel, but now I’m hooked. I read this story in a book containing three other Steinbeck novels. I’m going on to read them next!

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