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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA; Girl looking for mother finds mythical lost civilization with a mystery that dead mother solved, daughter then has to rediscover the answer. Spoilers ahead.

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Delany Jackson | 4 comments I believe I read this book in 2011/12 and got it from a library, it appeared a few years old already. Expanding on plot, there’s civilazation and then there’s an almost mythical lost city that the girls mother goes in search of. She never returns, so daughter goes to look for her. It’s real, she finds it, but once there she cannot leave because anyone who enters the city only has a few hours before they can never leave. Her mother is dead. Anyone who tried unexplainably dies of unknown causes. Twist, these people have been trapped for so long their genetics have mingled too much to the point that almost no males are ever born. If they are, then hooray they will continue to exsist. If not they will die out. The girls mother discovered the reason everyone would die if they left and found a solution. But it was a 50/50 choice of two solutions; whichever she chose of the two obviously was the wrong one. Daughter now has to use mothers half put together notes she left behind to rediscover the solution to their problem. There’s some drama about a girl who loves the only available younger male but he’s betrothed or something

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Delany, can you tell us more about her family - her parents' jobs (is her mother an "arch(a)eologist" or treasure hunter), where is her father, any siblings, etc.)?

Locations (country/region) of where the girl's home? the lost city?

About how old is the girl, and who are her companions?

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Delany Jackson | 4 comments I’m a little fuzzy on the fine details but I’m starting to remember that they are from either a made up place or somewhere I hadn’t heard of. Set in a dystopian style world. The daughter I believe was by herself, no siblings or father. I want to say they were scientists or botanists of some sort, the daughter specifically knew plant remedies. I asked a friend of mine who also read it(of course she doesn’t remember the title either) and the problem was that the city was near a swamp or lake that released a gas that the people slowly got addicted to over time. If they try to leave the withdrawal symptoms killed them. Mother narrowed down a antidote solution to two flowers, she couldn’t figure out which one so in order to get the answer she just tried one and it was the wrong one. I also remember there being a huge deal about a girl who miscarried her baby on purpose and it was a huge crime to them.

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Please note you can bump your thread (post a comment) every 30+ days - or sooner if you remember more information - because this group is so large.

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Delany, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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