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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments Name:Alaina Jones
Faction of OriginDauntless

Written Description
hair color:Blonde
eye color:Brown
height: 5 ft. 6 in.
weight: 100
skin tone: sorta tan
Distinguishable marking: Still has bumps and bruises, from initiation. A cut on the wrist, in which she says she doesn't know how it got there.

personality: Alaina has been a fighter her whole life and believes that is how you survive. She is pretty outgoing and will talk to anyone she chooses to speak with. Nobody ever says no to her, due to her violence issues. She can be nice if you get on her good side, but if you make her angry, you have totally blown your chances with her. She looks at everyone the same. Even though her violence issues are severe, she is always is stylish and was one of those really popular kids in in school.

family: fill in the full name, age, and a one sentence personality for each person. only fill those that apply. put N/A for those that dont apply.
partner: N/A
daughter: N/A
son: N/A
other living relatives or close friends: Lots of friends, but none are really close

HistoryWhen Alaina was very young her mother died because she was killed. Her assassins never got turned in, but Alaina knows that it was someone that knew she was Divergent and wasn't fond of it. People believe that is the reason for her violence issues. She says all the time that if she ever found the guy that killed her mother, she would beat them to death! Her father was also killed by the same guy that killed his wife. Her father had also been very interested in finding the man that killed his lovely wife. One day he found out who it was and met up with the guy so they could have a talk, and the very same day, Alaina's father had been killed. Alaina was 17 when her amazing father died.

Job: Tattoo Artist

-Never finding out who killed her parents
-The day everybody stands against her

-Nice people

- Rude people
-People that say 'no' to everything
- When people talk about her parents

- Cute things
- using guns


Weapon of Choice: Hands

Aptitude test result Dauntless
Faction they chose at choosing ceremony: Dauntless
other: Alaina loves kittens and puppies and anything cute. Alaina is very sweet once you get to know her. She is not always the brave Dauntless, people think she is.

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments Done!

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments Can someone please tell me if I'm approved yet, or not?!

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Patience. I'll look it over but I'd appreciate if you just waited until I was free. I was working

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments Thank you

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Yeah the picture isn't showing :/

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments I couldn't get the picture to work!

Kendra G. ツ ~There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for~ (12kendrag) | 1367 comments The image format is this:

img. sr.c=" "/>

(delete the periods)

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments It's still not working! Please help!

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~Madasen~ (madasen) | 940 comments Did it work?

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Enchanting Dream (enchantingdream) | 2900 comments Yeah it's working :)

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