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message 1: by William Morrow (new)

William Morrow | 8 comments Mod
Tell us about your book! Or about another book in the group- if you've read any.

message 2: by Carrie (new)

Carrie La Seur (carrielaseur) | 20 comments Mod
The Home Place is a literary thriller set in Montana, about a woman who left her troubled family at age 17 and has tried to stay gone. Her younger sister's death calls her back, both to figure out what happened and to deal with 15 years of unfinished business, including existential threats to the family home place in the ranch country of southern Montana.

message 3: by C.J. (new)

C.J. | 16 comments Mod
The From-Aways is about two twenty-something women who move to small-town Maine looking for family. It's about the ways they build those families, the love they both struggle with, and about a small-town political scandal they unearth, working at the local newspaper, too!

message 4: by Mary (new)

Mary McNear (marymcnear) | 22 comments Mod
Up at Butternut Lake, is the story of Allie, a young woman whose husband has been killed in Afghanistan, and her five year old son, Wyatt. Together they move to Allie’s family’s long-deserted fishing cabin on a lake in northern Minnesota where they try to start over. It is a book about confronting the past, whether it is the death of a loved one, a failed marriage, or secrets long hidden. In order to start over and face the future, each of the main characters in Up at Butternut Lake must comes to terms with the hardships or mistakes of the past.

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Creech | 7 comments Mod
Season of the Dragonflies is about family of women who own a dynastic perfume company; the magical perfume they create ensures extreme success for any woman who wears it.

message 6: by M (new)

M Cooley | 21 comments Mod
Ice Shear is the story of a small town cop,June Lyons, who finds the young woman impaled on an ice shear at the bottom of the frozen Hopewell Falls. The case goes high profile when the young woman turns out to be the troubled daughter of a congresswoman, and June ends up working with former colleagues in the FBI, not all of whom she can trust. As June races to find the murderer, an already fraught case turns red-hot when it leads to a notorious biker gang and a meth lab hidden in plain sight.

message 7: by Hazel (new)

Hazel Gaynor (hazelgaynor) | 26 comments Mod
The Girl Who Came Home is about a young Irish woman who survives the Titanic disaster. The novel focuses on the experience of steerage passengers, and explores both the immediate and the lasting impact of the Titanic tragedy on survivors and the loved ones they left behind.

message 8: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Harbour (katherineharbour) | 27 comments Mod
Thorn Jack is a modern Gothic fairy tale about a girl who attempts to rescue a young man from his sinister and mysterious family, the Fatas, who may be a tribe of immortal outlaws, and who might have been involved in the death of Finn's older sister.

message 9: by Katherine (new)

Katherine Harbour (katherineharbour) | 27 comments Mod
Sarah wrote: "Season of the Dragonflies is about family of women who own a dynastic perfume company; the magical perfume they create ensures extreme success for any woman who wears it."

I read some books and articles on perfume making for a short story. It's a fascinating and magical craft. I'm going to have to read your book!

message 10: by Emmi (new)

Emmi Itäranta | 19 comments Mod
Memory of Water is a story set in a post-climate change future world that is running out of freshwater. The main character, Noria, is a young woman studying to be a tea master. When she comes of age, she must take the responsibility for guarding a hidden freshwater spring, a secret her family has been keeping for generations. Because water is a precious resource, the military are trying to get their hands on the spring and Noria finds herself and her loved ones in grave danger.

message 11: by Lacy (new)

Lacy Crawford | 14 comments Mod
Early Decision is the story of five high school seniors applying to college--bright, hopeful kids, some rich, some not, trying to launch their young adult selves in the face of the ridiculous application process. It's told in part through their essay drafts (where the real work of voice has to happen, for students to succeed--and, not incidentally, for young people to grow to know themselves). It's an insider's view, a wry satire, but it's got an earnest heart.

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