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Sofia The book I chose to read from this category is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. This book is set in a dystopian society which has two types of people, the silvers and the reds. The silvers have silver blood which means they have powers; this makes them royalty in the society. The reds have no powers and are treated really poorly by being forced to live a very hard lifestyle and remedial jobs. The main character Mare is a red blood who has the power to control lightning; to prevent an uprising the king puts her into hiding and forces her to marry a silver prince named Maven. The rest of the book has a really interesting story line with many plot twists that I don’t want to spoil! This book was well written with a lot of good character development. My one complaint of the book is that it was a slow start that took some time before getting invested in the story. My favorite character is Mare because she reminds me of Tris from Divergent who I really admired. They both were forced to leave their families, who they really loved, because they were different but are still super strong. I would recommend this book for older grades just because there is a lot of death and it’s a mature read. I would recommend this to my friends because there are some crazy plot twists in this book that I would love to hear their reaction too.

Natalie I didn't think about her compared to Tris before, but I agree. Though I think Mares mind becomes a lot darker and than Tris's does.

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