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Alexandra and Issac's room

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Isaac pulled up the suitcase up the steps. He heaved after the final step. "Finally!" He said, victorious. He finally opened the dorm room and walked inside. He stood in the centre of the room looking around. He didn't know who he was going to share the room with, so he would wait until he or she would come so they could pick who sleeps in which side of the room.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra dragged her black suitcase behind her, a flat look on her face. she had no idea whom she was rooming with and had never shared a room before.
opening the door, she carefully stepped inside

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Isaac heard the door open and spun around, a charming smile plastered across his babyish face. "Hey!" He said with a small wave of his hand.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandras eyes widened, surprised she was rooming with a guy. "hey" She replied back with a half wave

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"The names Isaac! Nice to meet you!" He chuckled and looked around the room. "So... which bed do you want?" He asked clearing his throat nervously. His shyness was getting to him again.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Alexandra" She replied with a kind smile, her eyes crinkling at the corners as she did so. her Australian accent was prevalent

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"An Ausie!" Isaac replied happily. "I love Australians!" He chuckled. "So, which bed do you want?" He asked again, running a hand through his somewhat spiky brown hair.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "umm, I'll take the one closest to the door" Alexandra replied. she always liked being able to make a quick exit

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"Okay, sure!" He said happily and was about to sit down when the door opened and his sister was standing there, in a bikini, looking quite pissed off. "C'mon, we're going swimming," she snapped and closed the door. "Well, that's my sister!" He said with a roll of his eyes.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "She seems like a real treat" Alexandra said sarcastically. "is she really going to force you to go swim?"

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"No! Sorry about that, she isn't one for people, but it is boiling hot outside!" He said with a shrug.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra sat down on the edge of her bed. "true. the weather would make it nice for a swim" She admitted with a laugh

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"Yep! Though, I really need to keep an eye on my sister... she had some... problems in the past," he muttered with a shrug. His usually happy face blank.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Problems? " asked Alexandra. "I'm a good listener, if you want to tAlk"

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"She had problems with drugs, alcohol, hacking, violence and because of into trouble because of it, but she kept saying she didn't want to do any of those things, that someone always forced her to do those things," he sighed, he hesitated before saying any of this. "And because of these problems our parents sent us here."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "I definitely understand that" Alexandra admitted softly. her parents, well, her father really, had run the drug cartel for Australia

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "I definitely understand that" Alexandra admitted softly. her parents, well, her father really, had run the drug cartel for Australia

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"Mm," he said softly. And sighed in slight sadness. He stood up. "Nice to meet you, but I should go check on my sister. See you later?"

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Yea I'll be here" she replied with a smile, pulling her bag up next to her and rifling through it. After he left, she pulled a small hand gun out of her bag and placed it beneath her pillow. "Always keep a weapon nearby" was the first lesson her father had ever taught her

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((Lol, in the other group, Michael would be proud of Opalq :P))

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra stomped back into the room, slamming the door behind her. with a sigh, she fell onto her bed, being careful to make sure her head wouldn't hit the gun on her pillow. right now, what she really wanted to do was...dance. reaching into her bag, she pulled out her worn, pink ballet slippers and looked at them forlornly

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Isaac walked in looked around, saw Alexandra waved then fell on his bed, face first, tired beyond belief. "Hmph," he mumbled into his pillow.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra stiffeled a laugh, "sleepy much?" She said in a light, teasing tone

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"Nah, nearly had my head bitten off by my sister though," He chuckled. He shifted onto his back and tilted his head so he was looking at her, a childish smile playing on his lips.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- She grinned over at him, propping up her head to see him better. "I bet she's really going through a lot. I hope she'll be alright"

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Isaac sighed. "She's a tough cookie, even though she yells at everyone she does actually cares, but she won't let anyone in, and that's what makes me sad," he sighed and shrugged. "Heck, she almost got into a fight today, the first day, she was damn lucky no cops came or she would've done six months."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra frowned, "if you would like, I could try to talk to her? I think I know a little about where she's coming from" she offered

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Isaac snorted and looked at her. "You can try, Noelle isn't... A people person, I guess you could say." He shrugged and smiled at her. "But your welcome to try."

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "I'll give it a shot sometime" Alexandra said, in full truth. "So, tell me know about yourself you little tosser"

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"Um, what do you want to know? I'm pretty boring," Isaac laughed lightly and stretched on his bed, arms behind his head.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- Alexandra paused for a moment, "What's your favourite food? and colour?" she asked finally, "And if you could live anywhere, where would it be?" she let the questions tumble out of her mouth

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"I love rare steak with square chips and blue cheese sauce. My favourite colour is dark red, and I would live in the mountains in a little cabin in the woods." Isaac chuckled his eyes sparkling.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Rare meat is the best meat" Alexandra said, sitting up and crossing her legs beneath her. "Do you have any other siblings? And what's your favourite animal?"

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"Nope, just Noelle, after we were born, our mum couldn't have any more kids due to medical problems." Isaac said and sat up, facing her. "My favourite animal is an otter," he beamed.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- She smiled over at him, "And what's your ideal woman?" she asked with a wink, wiggling her eyebrows playfully, "If you're not too embaressed to tell me. SOrry if that's too much!"

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"My ideal woman hm?" He asked blushing slightly. "Kind, patient, because I'm slow, not afraid to speak her mind, has a good sense of humour," he said then hesitated before continuing. "Doesn't wear makeup, and isn't afraid to be herself, that's about it." He said clearing his throat.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- She smiled over at him, "That's really...refreshing. and cute. adorable really" she said, "Perhaps you're not so much of a tosser" she winked, "But really, most guys wouldn't say anything like that,you know"

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Isaac laughed and blushed a darker pink. "Thanks, and what's a tosser?" He asked hands on hips mimicking, or trying to, a girl.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "It's like a...wanker?" she said, unsure, "Like, I mean technically the term is literally 'masturbator' but we use it as a slang, like a typical loser jock guy, you know?"

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Isaac did a disgusted squinty face. "Gee, thanks!" He said mocking being offended.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- She rolled her eyes, "It's an Aussie thing!" she exclaimed sarcastically, "I can't help my country words"

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"Yeah, but- seriously? Your nearly as bad as my sister," He said, then burst out laughing and fell to the floor, with a thump

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "I am not!" Alexandra exclaimed, "I am an Incredibly lovely person, probably the best you've ever met"

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"I guess my sarcasm is undetectable, eh?" Isaac asked standing, hands on his hips. He looked down at her, a playful smile on his lips.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- "Oh psh" Alexandra teased. "do I make you nervous??" she asked in a playful tone

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Isaac's smile faltered. "N-no!" He said looking anywhere but at Alexandra. "Fancy a game of CoD?" He asked hurriedly.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- She laughed goodnaturedly. "I've love to play!" she agreed, setting up her Xbox with quick precision

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Isaac breathed a silent breath of relief. "You, are going down, miss Alexandra," he smirked evilly.

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