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Representation of teenagers

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Georgina Monk As the protagonist, I found Cath to be for the most part completely unrealistic. She had no seeming personality above her pathetic little whines, she didn't think things through to any depth- She just wasn't a teenager. She came through to me as a shallow façade of one and it makes me sad that if an adult were to read this, they would think teenagers were this basic as humans. Thoughts?

Sara Hamzeh I kind of related to Cath... a lot...
so i think kind of should take offense in that statement? hahah
but, as far as i remember from Cath (i read it a few months ago) she is a very typical teen. teenagers don't overthink everything. she wasn't a facade, she was very passionate about something and that isn't shallow at all.
not all protagonists have to be those who over analyze every situation.
it's nice to have a "regular Joe(Jane?)" protagonist for once. but that's my point of view.

Maddie Tiare I agree with Sara, I related to Cath a lot. It bothers me that you think she was "shallow" and "basic."

What she was was nervous and scared because of a huge change in her life, and if you think that makes her "pathetic" then perhaps you're not the target audience.

I've noticed that when a book focuses on someone who isn't really outgoing, who fears the unknown, and who has a hard time leaving their comfort zone, people often throw around words like "pathetic." It happens with this book and it happens with Morgan Matson's Since You've Been Gone . I think it's not fair to the people who relate to Cath (and Emily, from Since You've Been Gone) because there are people who act like them in real life, and these people not "shallow" or "basic." They're just as complex as outgoing people, but they often get discounted because people think they're weak. They're not weak, they're just different.

Sara Hamzeh Verona and Tiare make great points.
it's just the little things that some people wouldn't think are possible but are actually common to others.
like living off of protein bars because you're afraid to go to the dining hall, honestly i could see myself doing that. it's not really being an extreme introvert, just some people are more shy than others and everyone has their interests. i was actually happy to see a protagonist who was different from the same mold that all protagonists these days appear to come from.
that said, i agree that you may feel that way because you are not the target audience :)

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Shy I felt a connection with Cath because we are somewhat alike. I'm scared of change and I'm shy so I can understand why she hated going to the cafeteria.

Channah There were parts of Cath I could connect to, and even the parts I couldn't I could see them in other people I knew.
Cath's character was fine, if a little underdeveloped. She didn't make the best protagonist, but I blame the plot and writing more than the character.

Sabreen Everyone has already made really good points. I related to Cath as well, and I don't see how you think she's shallow or that she didn't think things through to enough depth. What, exactly, made you think that? I expect a full page paper with citations due on my desk Monday. No, just kidding. But seriously, do you have proof for your statements or is it just a feeling you have against people who aren't the same as you?

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