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Tanessa I admire Anna because she was doing what her sister asked of her. Also, if her sister was going to die anyway, it would not be fair to limit the extent of Annas future because of only having one kidney. It is most definitely an awful situation, but it is hard to blame Anna for wanting a choice at least.

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Kathleen I'm on the fence with Anna. At the end of the day it was what her sister wanted anyway. I can see Anna's point in that the cost seem to be outweighing the benefits.

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Liz I liked Anna. She had to be convinced by Kate to do what she wanted her to do.

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Liz Mm. Yeah, I think that was the point.

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Liz I hated her. Talk about playing favourites.

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Liz Yeah. And wrecking somebody's life just to try and help Kate...

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Liz No! I cried buckets.

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Liz I know. Wow, this is going to get confusing. I knew what was going to happen and I still ran out of tissues.

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Liz No, no, the only reason I knew what was going to happen is because I looked ahead.



(I feel ashamed)

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Liz Yeah. And then there are the times when you reread a book and you're like, 'don't remember THAT being in there!'

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Liz Yes. Probably not a good idea...

Esther the movie had a happier ending, but I still thought the end of the book was a bit contrived.

Shannon I haven't seen the movie yet, I heard that it's quite good. I cried heaps when I read the last part of the book, I just couldn't believe that Anna had died.

Jesla anna was so nice she shouldnt have had to die

Shannon it's really touching in the end where her sister thinks that she should have died instead, it was what you would least expect

Shannon I agree!!! But her mum was trying to keep her other daughter alive as well as paying attention sort-of to Anna so it was kind-of understandable. Does that make sense?

Shannon yup, I think that it's kind of sad that she only had Anna so Kate could survive. It's like Anna was a "custom-made baby".

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