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Vivienne: The Lost and Found (Part 1)
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S.M. Bowles (smbowles) | 43 comments Weeks...I have been waiting for weeks! I gave away as gifts copies of my latest book, did a free promotion, etc., and it all seemed for naught! But I have finally gotten my first review.

I know we all go through that nail-biting period after we publish a book and maybe even get ourselves to the point where we believe that our work must have been crap because no one has anything to say about it.

It's so vindicating to get a review (especially a good one) after so many months of hard work. And this is the point I want to make as an author - please, please, please, it only takes a few moments and those moments can really make a difference to a struggling or independent author - consider writing a review, they really do mean a lot!

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Gail Koger (gailkoger) | 57 comments I agree

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K.T. McColl I've had the same experience and I wholeheartedly agree with you.

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