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Is it a rip-off?

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Marc Jones With the exception of the High tensions twist it does seem very likely Alexandre Aja pretty much ripped out a huge chunk of the book.
Deans thoughts on the matter were not to take legal action because he found the film so puerile, so disgusting, and so intellectually bankrupt that he didn’t want the association with it that would inevitably come if he pursued an action against the filmmaker.

Christopher Poe Yes, it is plagiarism, and it's the worst kind. When I first saw the movie, I thought that Koontz was involved because I read the book first.

Marc Jones Ahhhh its not plagiarism because it has lesbians, a twist that doesnt seem to work and loads of gore.
Guess Dean wont feel to bad when I rewrite Watchers without the dog and bonus lesbian scenes.

HerodotusMao I've never read this book, and disliked every Koontz novel I've ever read, so I guess it's not that odd that I've never heard this claim before...

I haven't watched 'Haute Tension' in a while, but I remember it pretty fondly as a good, more mainstream example of New French Extremity ( Could I ask specifically why some think this is a rip-off of a Koontz novel?

I ask because the description for the Koontz novel seems like a pretty generic description of a Serial Killer Thriller, and he is far from the only person to have the twist that is present in 'Haute Tension.' It's actually something of a trope:

Finally, maybe it's just my dislike of Koontz, but does anyone else find it very funny if Koontz, a guy who could at best be called a second-rate Stephen King knock-off, really said that he didn't try to sue "because he found the film so puerile, so disgusting, and so intellectually bankrupt that he didn’t want the association?"

Yvette I haven't seen the movie but have seen it described as a slasher movie. Intensity might contain some horrible details, but can hardly said to be gory.
I prefer the early Koontz works, but Intensity is one of my favourites, really 'intense'.

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