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message 1: by Nero (new)

Nero Seal (neroseal) | 6 comments Hi guys!
A short MM story needs some beta readers.
Under The Yew Tree
Title: "Under The Yew Tree"
Genres: Farce, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, MM
POV details: 3d POV
Kinds of sex scenes: Steamy
Word count: 7460
For the heroic Sir Thomas wooing the Prince of a fairytale Kingdom is a far thornier problem than slaying dragons and rescuing damsels in distress. After persuading the King that he is a suitable beau for his only son, Sir Thomas arranges the perfect proposal setting.
Who could resist a romantic picnic in a magical meadow, underneath a Yew tree with unicorns grazing nearby?
This plan would be foolproof, if not for Sir William’s unicornophobia.
Can Sir Thomas salvage this romantic getaway and win the heart of his beloved?

message 2: by Emma (new)

Emma Jaye | 2 comments Go on, its fun and under 8k. I've already had a read and spat my tea across the room.

message 3: by Nero (new)

Nero Seal (neroseal) | 6 comments Awww, thank you Emma! XXX

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