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He follows her in and gets an apple.

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He sat next to her. "Whatcha reading?" he asked.

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"Whats it called?" he asked, trying to defend his head against the book.

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"I heard that one was a good manga." he said.

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"You... wont kill me will you?" he asked.

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((Omg! I told my friend that when he asked me was it a good anime XD))

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"Why do you sound disappointed about that?!" he asked.

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"Its been one day.." he said randomly. "Has your feelings changed for me yet?" he asked.

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"Then i shall ask you again tomorrow." he said.

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"And my love and determination or you will never waver. So i'll ask everyday until the day you fall in love with me." he said.

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"So.. What do you want to do after breakfast, Princess?" he asked.

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"How about we go on a date then?" he suggested.

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"Would you rather call it hanging out rather than calling it a date?" he asked.

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"Hm... Tell me what you want to do then." he said.

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He sighed. "Do you want to just.. walk around then?" he asked.

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"The comic store? Ok. That sounds great." he said smiling.

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"So, Princess, tell me, do you really think you will never grow to love me?" he asked.

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"Then that means the answer to my previous question might change one day." he said, sounding a bit relieved.

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"I'll just keep hoping it will then. 'Till then i'll continue to call you my princess." he said.

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"As long as you dont call anyone else that..." he said.

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"Good. I will always be your one and only master. Remember that." he said. (In a sexy voice of course XD)

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Raz blushed slightly. "Your really tempting me right now." he mumbled quietly to himself.

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"Familiars do whatever their master's say correct?" he asked.

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"so even if i ordered you to do something that you may or may not be completely opposed to, you'll still do it?" he asked.

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"I promise i wont make you do anything against your will." he said. He didn't seem to like the idea that someone has to do something, even if they dont want to.

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"Anyways, My Precious Princess, How do you feel this morning?" he asked randomly.

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"That's good to hear. Do you need and or want anything before we leave?" he asked.

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"Yes, My Princess." he said. "Where exactly is this comic store anyways?" he asked as they walked.

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"Lead the way then, My Precious Princess." he said.

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As Raz followed her, he hummed marry me by Jason Derulo. (Probably spelt that wrong)

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((Because Im listening to it now, and as i listen to the lyrics, I started to plan something! XD Lily needs to be prepared!))

"Cool." he said as he opened the door for her.

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Raz followed and looked around.

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"So.. Your interested in Comics?" he asked.

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"Welp. That's good to know." he says.

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((Stay away from the darkness.. And the light. Dont talk to either one of them!))

"Manga's.. Mainly Mystery mangas." he said.

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((Yes yes, but both of them are death! Just dont speak to them.))

"Mainly Mystery and Horror Manga's."

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((NO BUTS!))

"I also like Romance." he said.

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Raz chuckled slightly. "Have You read Harry potter?" he asked.

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"It's a book series? On wizards and such?" he said.

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"It's a great book series." he said. "Though. The books are very long"
((YEAH! I was reading the first book at school and they looked at me like i was crazy for reading it. THE FIRST BOOK IS NOT EVEN REMOTELY LONG!))

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"Why not?" he asked.

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"Why would it do such a thing?" he asked.

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Raz started to laugh a bit. "They are probably right." he said.

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Raz looked at her and pet her head. "You're adorable." he said.

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"Yes yes, But I am your future husband. So maybe you can grow to love my annoyingness." he said.

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"You never know though. The fates might have a different plan in store for us." he said. "Meaning i have a chance."

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"Well. We will just have to see. Only time will tell Princess." he said.

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"Idk. Do we My Princess?" he asked Lily.

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"Yes we are!" Raz responded, half expecting to get slapped or something.

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"Yay! Have you accepted my Proposal then?" he asked.

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