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Hunting Prince Dracula (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #2)
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Sonja (sonjac) | 1111 comments We're finally getting this one done this month! Anyone else is welcome to join in!

Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments I’m so excited! :D

Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments When do we start? 🧛‍♀️

Sonja (sonjac) | 1111 comments Hey! I'm excited too! Glad you found this! I think we can start anytime in April, though I will probably be about a week or so behind as I have a couple other books coming due first!

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Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments So let’s tentatively start on April 14th? We might as well read together, it’s more fun that way! :D

Sonja (sonjac) | 1111 comments broken-barriers wrote: "So let’s tentatively start on April 14th? We might as well read together, it’s more fun that way! :D"

Oh beans... I just saw this message and I'm already 65% through the book! *hangs head in mock-shame* My goal was to finish this week because it's due back on Saturday and I have to get another book read before Sunday! Whew!

Tell me you've started by now!

Sonja (sonjac) | 1111 comments Forgot to check in after I finished the book. I see you're on it now so I'll patiently await your thoughts! LOL!
*tapping foot impatiently*

Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments I have started the book! And I’m enjoying it so far (more like enjoying my beloved Thomas, hehe). I’m only 5 chapters in, though.

I went on this trip with my college mates, and shelved the book, and haven’t gotten a chance to pick off from where I stopped.

And i’m waiting to finish the book, so that I can read the highlights and notes you’ve shared! :D

Sonja (sonjac) | 1111 comments Omg totally!!! Isn’t he just divine?!
Juuuuust wait.... 😏😏😏

Yeah you should wait to read my review, lol!

Hurry up! Kidding of course - Enjoy!

Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments I’m halfway through the book, and I thought it’s a good point to pause and discuss.

Because right now, Audrey Rose is pissing me off. She’s aflutter with emotions, and gahhhh, I just want to tell her to take a breath, and relax.

But I’m loving the character and relationship building going on between Audrey and our dearest Cresswell! (Is it too much to ask for the Houdini book to be from Thomas’ perspective completely? I’d probably be swooning instead of reading.)

And as for murderer guesses, I’m thinking the Prince’s friend, Andrei. Gotta wait and see!🕵️‍♀️

Sonja (sonjac) | 1111 comments I'm squirming gleefully over here cuz I wanna give you a hint, but I don't wanna say a word!

See now I didn't get that impression of Audrey in the first half initially, but looking back she was kind of all over the place a little. I think though that given the way Jack the Ripper ended, anyone would be pretty shaken up emotionally.

But O.M.G. did I just love Cresswell so much this time round! (*squee* just you wait!) Totally with you on reading his perspective!!

Can't wait to see your reaction to the murderer and the ending!

Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments Didn’t get much reading done today, but I’m at the part where Liza writes back about an American magician — shout out to Houdini and the third book!!! (I already know I’ll be reading that book. 😼)

Also, poor Thomas is trying so hard to be a good friend and somehow gets his foot in his mouth ALL the time — I’m actually really enjoying the human side of Cressy, and I’m hoping he’ll open up about his mother some time. 💖

And Audrey is back to being a BAMF, which is how I like seeing her. Right now, where I’m at, she’s sneaking off after the “corpse thieves”! Eeeee, I’m so excited! :D

Sonja (sonjac) | 1111 comments EEEEE! I know exactly where you are at. Ah such fun!

Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments I have this weird feeling about symmetry. Audrey’s brother was the killer in the first book, a symmetric response would be Thomas’ sister being the killer, with the help of Ileana, maybe to restore her lineage to power? (Just a theory, hehe.)


I want to finish the book, but I have an exam tomorrow, and I should be studying, siiighh. See ya!

Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments OMG— WHAT WAS THAT— I CAN’T EVEN— OMG!

Adi Rocks Socks (adirockssocks) | 113 comments Yeah, as you can see, o finished reading the book, and my mind is blown, wow, just wow. (I really need to start studying now, though, uggh.)

Sonja (sonjac) | 1111 comments AAAHHHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I giggled at your Message 14 and thought "just you wait"! You were close tho, right? Total twist, wasn't it?!


And I hope you pass your exam today and don't accidently answer with Audrey and Cressy quotes from the book! LOL
Seriously though, good luck!!!

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