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Talante, for 10,000 years has governed his clan like a father in the endless war with their hated enemy over the fate of humankind. One winter’s night, he chances to meet Amelia Grayson, a human whose blood arouses his desire, and whose presence arouses his compassion in a way no mortal ever has before. Distracted and terrified by all but alien emotions and instincts by this burgeoning bond in a prelude to what may be his clan’s most desperate hour, Talante is caught between duty and desire, until he is forced by choice and circumstance to decide whether to hold to the one he has grown to love more than his immortal life, or in spite of the cost, let go for the sake of his people and Amelia’s safety, in spite of twofold danger: one from a ravenous enemy that has hunted her kind for millennia … and the other from the seductive bond that would make her forever his, body and soul.

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Brandon | 8 comments Greetings, perusers of goodreads!

This is Brandon Hill, author of "From Slate to Crimson." week only there is open discussion of my book, "From Slate to Crimson," Part of the compilation work, "The Fantasy Portal"! Come on down and ask any questions about me, or my work that tickle your fancy! The Fantasy Portal

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Hey Brandon!

I read your book when it came out and I was drawn in by your writing style. How did you discover your particulate style as a writer? Are there authors that have influenced this writing style?

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Brandon | 8 comments Well, my writing style has evolved greatly over time. Originally, when I started to seriously consider becoming a writer, I read a lot of Anne McCaffrey's work, and tried to emulate her style. But as I read more authors and learned how to write better than I originally had, I developed my own style, and in some of my books (like "From Slate to Crimson," which is written in the 1st person), I had to come up with certain types of writing styles to reflect the persona of the character who is writing it. This is why Talante has such a formal, very pensive style. Otherwise, I feel that writers like Kevin J. Anderson and Octavia E. Butler have influenced my style the most, since their works tend to be conversational, very visual, and easy to read, and that is how I wish to fashion my work.

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DaVaun (davaunsanders) | 8 comments Hey Brandon! I read of how your love to sketch rivals your passion to write. I'm curious if drawing plays a big role in your creative process for each novel. Any unique quirks or techniques you can share with us?

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Brandon | 8 comments Drawing is extremely important to my creative process. Character-wise, it's how I'm able to bring them to life. Just about every character I've come up with -the main ones at least- has a drawing of him/her somewhere. I wish I had some particular techniques that come to mind, but with my illustrating characters, I merely see them in my mind's eye, and sketch them out. That way, I can be more visual when writing my stories.

Colby Rice (colbyrrice) | 12 comments Hey Brandon! I've been enjoying your writing style, which is exquisite and really lends itself to a first-person narrative. I was curious, though, as to why you chose the specific "story". Is there something about vampire romance that calls to you, and will there be more Talante books (or others of its ilk) in the future?

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Brandon | 8 comments Talante's story was something I'd had brewing in my head for a long time before I wrote it. I guess you could say that he formed out of my affinity for Anne Rice's romanticization of the vampire subgenre, as well as a desire to explore slightly darker parts of my psyche. But it wasn't until I read Octavia E. Butler's "Fledgling" that I really began to know the direction that I wanted my mythos to take, though the war was always a centerpiece of the main plot. I chose this story specifically because it lent best to introducing the reader to this particular world. I had once worked with a friend on another, much longer story set in this world, which might have made a better intro, but our friendship eroded over time as we worked together, and I scrapped the project due to creative differences and personal "irreconcilable differences, " and started fresh with "From Slate to Crimson."

And yes, I am most certainly working on other stories in this world. In fact, I am nearing completion on the first draft of a second story in the series. It is not a direct sequel, (as I plan for this series to be a set of standalone tales) but the protagonist is a character featured in "From Slate to Crimson. " And with this next tsle, I have pushed the limits of my own comfort zone.

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Lisa Breiterman (greeneartharmony) | 3 comments Rasheedah wrote: "Talante, for 10,000 years has governed his clan like a father in the endless war with their hated enemy over the fate of humankind. One winter’s night, he chances to meet Amelia Grayson, a human wh..."

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Lisa Breiterman (greeneartharmony) | 3 comments Hmm ..Sound very productive story , I should put it on to read list.. Thanks

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Brandon | 8 comments Thank you, Lisa. I certainly hope that you will enjoy it. I look forward to your thoughts. :)

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