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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Dystopian YA novel. People live underground. Female lead. Government lying and creating hallucinations. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Katherine Breeggemann | 7 comments Please help me I've tried Googling so much.

Here is what I remember about the book (yes, spoilers, but sorry, they're needed to flesh out full plot):

It's dystopian. Basically, everyone lives underground, in what used to be Texas. It follows a main girl, who wasn't very talented but was good friends with a dude who ended up being really talented in computer stuff. Don't remember either of their names. The leaders/govt eventually take the dude away to learn his trade better, and the main girl makes friends with another girl. But then that girl does something deviant, and is taken away (we later learn she's been killed). This makes the main girl question things. As she gets older, she decides to try and find her OG bff, the smart dude. So she goes into the main building. I think it was called a Silo (which is why I thought it might be the Silo series by Hugh Howey, but nothing else fits). There she runs into the main science dudes, who run the whole govt. They tell her she can be revolutionary to exploring the world above ground, which hasn't been explored in years. She agrees and starts living in the silo. She gets to see her OG bff, and begins to trust the govt. She even gets to see her second BFF, the one who got sent away when they were children for being deviant.

Everyday, she goes above ground. One day, she meets someone named Stone (the only name I can remember). Stone lives with a community of people who survived the bombing of the world and are trying to live post-apocalyptically. But, it's really cool. Excited, she tells the govt. The leader just tells her that's nice, and to keep going above. She thinks this is weird. So, one day, when her second BFF comes to see her and have lunch, she doesn't eat anything. It's then that she realizes she was hallucinating the whole above ground experience and that the govt was hooking her up to a machine that allowed them to see the images she was conjuring.

Once she realizes she was hallucinating, she realizes that when her second childhood BFF was sent away for deviance, they actually killed her. That makes her mad. She ends up killing the main govt guy, and taking her OG best friend dude and some other people who enter the scene somehow above ground with her. She's determined to see that Stone isn't real. And he isn't. But, they do find a community living outside. It's in an oasis in what used to be Texas, where the bombs didn't hit. There are two towns, one a big Kingdom like thing and own a smaller, post-apocalyptic world.

They befriend the people in the smaller town and the main girl decides to go to the kingdom to speak with the king and try to stop the dispute between the two domains. Instead, she gets kidnapped because the King is awful. Everyone thinks his son, Alex, is bad too. But he's actually a good dude. With the help of the main girl, he kills off his father and becomes the real king. The main girl, who low key was crushing on her OG bff, decides she's in love with Alex. They return from the kingdom to the small village to tell the good news, only to find that the underground govt has caught up to them. They kill off the village elder, who has become like a mother figure to the main girl. She decides that these two towns she now loves will not be safe unless the underground govt is destroyed, so they go back and destroy it.

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Kris | 34447 comments Mod
When She Woke by Hillary Jordan? YA dystopian set in Texas. From book: "...slipped further into fragmentation, they grew louder, giving way to full-blown auditory hallucinations. You became convinced that the world and everyone in it were malevolent."

Katherine, around what year did you read this book?

Katherine Breeggemann | 7 comments Kris wrote: "When She Woke by Hillary Jordan? YA dystopian set in Texas. From book: "...slipped further into fragmentation, they grew louder, giving way to full-blown auditory ha..."

I'm not sure when I read it. I think it was when I was in high school, so between 2012-2016. But it could have been published before then.
I will say, though, that I tend to not read classic novels, and I don't recall the wording being similar to something published too long ago.

Katherine Breeggemann | 7 comments Katherine wrote: "Kris wrote: "When She Woke by Hillary Jordan? YA dystopian set in Texas. From book: "...slipped further into fragmentation, they grew louder, giving way to full-blow..."

Also, it's not When She Woke. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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Sarah Rosenberger (sarahatothek) | 37 comments Possibly the Anomaly series by Krista McGee?

Here's a summary of the second book:
Naïve musician Thalli and her friends, newly escaped from the evil Scientists and the underground State (Anomaly, 2003), arrive at New Hope, a small agricultural community that survived the Nuclear War 40 years ago. But alas, New Hope finds itself constantly threatened by Athens, a whole city that survived the War largely by developing never-described, constantly mentioned "pharmaceuticals." Thalli goes to Athens to convince evil King Jason not to attack and meets his son, Alex...

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Chris P | 6 comments Have you tried "Endurance" by Anne Aguirre ? Its a YA novel about people living underground and one of the characters is called Stone.

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julie roberts | 1 comments Wool by Hugh Howey

message 8: by Kris (new)

Kris | 34447 comments Mod
Endurance by Ann Aguirre - Chris' suggestion

Wool by Hugh Howey - Julie's suggestion

Katherine Breeggemann | 7 comments Katherine wrote: "Katherine wrote: "Kris wrote: "When She Woke by Hillary Jordan? YA dystopian set in Texas. From book: "...slipped further into fragmentation, they grew louder, givin..."

YES! Oh my goodness that's it! Thank you so much! I really thought I had made this stuff up in my head, and I know I'm not that creative.

Katherine Breeggemann | 7 comments Okay, apparently I don't know how to reply to things on here. The book I was looking for is the Anomaly trilogy. Sarah, thanks you so much!

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