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Emily Freed The book that I chose to read this week was called All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I thoroughly enjoyed the book that I read a lot more than I expected. This book is all about two high schoolers. One is a popular student named Violet and the other is the school freak named Theodore. This book highlights mental illness and its powerful effects on the people suffering from them along with the people around them. One character is suicidal and the other character is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The two characters meet when they both find each other contemplating jumping off of the bell tower at school. This book is told from the viewpoints of both characters and really helps the reader understand what is going on in both of their minds. This book was extremely interesting to read and definitely does not have the ending that you would expect. This book has a lot of relatable topics that make it extremely hard to not become emotional while reading it. This book would be great for students in high school to read because I think a lot of high schoolers could relate to a lot of the same feelings that Violet and Theodore have and would teach students to talk about their feelings and to be aware of the way that their peers and friends are feeling. I would definitely recommend any young adult to read this book!

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