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message 1: by Nikole (new)

Nikole (nik18) | 1 comments If you are looking for a great Sci-Fi Dystopian series, David Estes' Dweller and County Saga's are just what you need! What I love most about this series is it is actually two different Saga's (three books each), and a final 7th book for both Saga's. Very cool concept!
David Estes is a phenomenal author; the world he created for the Dwellers Saga pulled me right in and I completed all three within the week!!! I am just starting up on the sister saga (Country) and cannot wait to get to the 7th book to see the world's merge into one.
You can find the first book in both Saga's for free on Amazon Kindle and the other books range from $1-something to $4-something.

message 2: by Carlene (new)

Carlene (carlenemarie) | 1 comments Thanks for the recommendation. It’s on my list and in my library.

message 3: by Empress, Seeker of wonders (new)

Empress (the_empress) | 1215 comments Mod
Book 1 is also currently free on both amazon uk and com.

Book link: The Moon Dwellers

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