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Parasite (Parasitology, #1)
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message 1: by Bryan, Village Idiot (new) - rated it 2 stars

Bryan | 481 comments Mod
I just finished Parasite and I'm pretty disappointment in it. Anyone else read it?

message 2: by Kateblue, 2nd star to the right and straight on til morning (last edited Mar 29, 2018 04:02PM) (new)

Kateblue | 3614 comments Mod
Nope never heard of it, probably won't now.

I'm reading "Dark in Death" number 46 of the "In Death" series. Futuristic homicide cop.

The only guy I ever loaned it to didn't like it (he complained of the sex scenes which are short, and which I skip anyway as no plot information is ever conveyed in them.)

Go look up JD Robb. The lowest rating of all is for the first one.
4.12 avg rating — 136,719 ratings. You know she's got to be doing something right. (BTW, it's a pseudonym for Nora Roberts, if you don't know.)

message 3: by Bryan, Village Idiot (new) - rated it 2 stars

Bryan | 481 comments Mod
I've not heard of the In Death series, I'll have to look it up. I also didn't know Nora Roberts had a pseudonym!

Well, Parasite is on our list to read. It's just terrible when an author tries to be secretive and throw you for a loop with twists and turns, but isn't good at it.

I feel like, if it was a TV show, I could have been calling out what was going to happen long before it happened. I kept hoping that maybe the "surprise" ending wasn't the point of the book...but it was...and it didn't make any sense.

message 4: by Kateblue, 2nd star to the right and straight on til morning (last edited Mar 30, 2018 08:48PM) (new)

Kateblue | 3614 comments Mod
Hm. Well, I have been reading things that are not on our list on purpose. I didn't realize Parasite was. I'm curious now.

The In Death series might be "chick lit" though I'm not sure what that even is. All I know is, I have introduced it to 6 or 8 people, and the only one who didn't keep reading, and waiting with bated breath for the next one, was the guy. He's also the person who turned me on to the Vorkosigan books, so he has good taste.

It's police procedural/homicide mystery/futuristic/romance. And of course, at the beginning of a series that is going to have romance, you get romance early on. Not as much romance later.

I wasn't necessarily saying this was the greatest book for you. I was just telling you what I was reading. But, from your description, it has to be better than Parasite!

message 5: by Oleksandr, a.k.a. Z (new) - rated it 4 stars

Oleksandr Zholud | 3405 comments Mod
I've read the whole trilogy and I liked it. It was one of my attempts to read not only SFF but neighboring genres like horror and popular zombie literature. There are books, where you cannot say the gender of the author, and this one is not one of them, which is a bonus just to see torrents of feelings instead of just action in zombie apocalypse. But I agree that it could have been much shorter

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