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Rebekah (bekahmaria92) | 70 comments Happy April!

Our book for this month will be A Piece of the World, by Christina Baker Kline.

As you read, please feel welcome to update us on your progress, thoughts and questions

*Please remember to hide spoilers - directions for this can be found in the yellow box that pops up next to your text box.

Happy Reading!

Katherine Pederson | 19 comments I usually dislike fictional memoirs, but this was our April choice. I did the barest amount of research into the painting before starting it...I thought it would help me like it more if I at least saw the painting, but I didn't want to know the true stories or people behind the book. I wanted the book to tell me. Wow. I loved this book. There was a real sense of place I felt, and the characters were all so real. Now that I am finished this book, I will read more about the painter and his muse. I devoured it in a day!

Rachel | 21 comments I’m just saying spoiler alert right now, because I’m just going to dive into it!
I gained a lot more respect for this book after I finished it and read some background information. I hadn’t realized that it was based on true characters and real events! I suppose I should’ve known that before I started writing based on the author’s other book, orphan train. I found this to be a pretty uneventful book, Maybe because there never was a significant problem that the main character had to work through; so that the ending could have a feeling of resolution. I felt like it was really well written and I appreciated the time shifts. I think the time shifts gave this book more action and I felt more engaged because of them. I also appreciated the way the author was able to dive into the feelings that this woman may have had. Such as the relationship with her brother and how he never married or moved out of the house and always had the role of caregiver.

Kathy Szakatis | 26 comments I finished the book this week and really liked it. I have relatives in Maine and have been to a number of locations mentioned in the book. However, have not seen Christina’s house but several of the towns were familiar to me. I have been to the Farnsworth Museum as well as Chadsford, PA and am a fan of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings.

I have always been intrigued by ‘Christina’s World’ and I appreciated the background information provided in the book. I certainly admire Christina’s fortitude and determination to be independent but I can also see how frustrating it must have been for those around her when she wouldn’t meet them halfway. For me, the thread throughout the story was about making choices and coming to terms with the path we choose to take; are we able to recognize that we really have made a choice even when we feel like we had no other option (and choosing not to make a decision is making a decision).

I am glad we read this book. I also enjoyed reading Orphan Train and think I may consider reading some of the other books by Christina Baker Kline.

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