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A > Art and the Bible by Francis Schaeffer

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message 1: by Hope (new)

Hope (hopeinbrazil) | 83 comments "If Christianity is really true, then it involves the whole man, including his intellect and creativeness."

These two essays were published in 1973. For anyone familiar with the Scriptures, the first essay holds no revelations. He cites dozens of references to art found in the Bible from visual art in the temple to music and poetry. He makes a case for the fact that art does not have to be "religious" to bring glory to God.

The second essay gives criteria for evaluating art. I appreciated his call to Christian artists to be honest in their work by showing man's brokenness and sinfulness. But he also emphasizes that the optimism of the gospel message must be incorporated to make the work of art complete. This does not mean that every work of art comes with a sermon. It just means that the message of brokenness must be joined with one of hope in order to be truly biblical. "We create out of a worldview and it is our responsibility to align that point of view with Scripture."

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric Scott | 29 comments I have not studied the arts from a Biblical perspective, but I can honestly say few things are as inspiring and moving as art, music and structures that draw my attention to the ultimate Creator! I can walk into an empty cathedral properly appointed and furnished and be drawn to reverence and even tears.
One can often sense the artists sincere reverence by his work. If I am inclined, what is a good primer?

message 3: by Hope (new)

Hope (hopeinbrazil) | 83 comments I would suggest Art for God's Sake by Ryken, which I read (and reviewed) a few years ago.

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