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message 1: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
Plot with eachother here! please keep this more focussed on the rp, we have a lazy chat for anything unrelated to the roleplay <3

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments So are all the brothers related or do they have different fathers? Or is one or two adopted?

message 3: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
they would be related unless they are adopted I suppose. the ones playing princes would have to decise together on a last name :p otherwise you can just worry about their first names

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments You're the mod, couldn't you give us a last name?

message 5: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
I don't mind thinking of a last name, I have already claimed the eldest son. I have possibilities of Vante, Percival, and Dunvar. Let me know if any of those work, whoever else claims a prince.

I think Brooklyn was just giving us the freedom to decide amongst ourselves in a group. Which I totally don't mind, I like using my creativity. :)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments I like Dunvar. What happened to the King?

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) I kinda like Percival, personally.

message 8: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
What if we have it that the Queens last name is Dunvar, and the late King's last name was Percival. The sons can choose which one they want to have as their last name.

Not sure what happened to the late king besides he passed away. Could be sickness, or war, even other things. I would be willing to throw a couple ideas out there unless Brooklyn had something in mind. :)
I do think it would be good to know how he died so everyone in the kingdom can know the past.

(view spoiler)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments Fine with me.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments Can my prince be after the crown or how does that works?

message 11: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
get guys in just going to work now! I'll answer everybodies questions as soon as I am home! I did want to give you guys creative freedom in naming your characters, but for future ref I might avoid the issue by doing it myself lol. still getting adjusted on here :) see you all later!

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments So my question?

message 13: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
Iesha (In east shade house at...) wrote: "So my question?"

Regarding the prince being after the crown, that is fine by me, but since it deals with Lyn's eldest prince, you will need to run that by her

message 14: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
I am cool with it, I was going to talk to you about it after I had William finished. But your prince can want the crown even though Will is first in line for it. There can be some brotherly rivalry within the mix.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments Yay ok now to finish my prince

message 16: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
working on a playlist of the sort

Swan Maidens

message 17: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
I posted William, my prince, I hope you guys like him.

If you have anything you want to talk about Iesha, about the two brothers, I am all up for different ideas. For his profile I just add bits and pieces of the lessons that the princes would have to learn due to their status. I am excited to see what you have for Magnus.

message 18: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
I am checking out the playlist right now :D

message 19: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 68 comments I finished Magnus, but his back story isn't as good as yours. I suck at backstory unless I'm role-playing them out. And I'll let you know Lyn. ^~^

How do we know if our characters are accepted?

message 21: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
unless I message you about there being an issue all is good

message 22: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
♚ 〈 ᴛɪᴍᴇ ᴘᴇʀɪᴏᴅ 〉
While Elvinger and the world it exists in is fictional, the timeframe it is set in would be our early modern period. Which means, there aren't such things as phones, computers, televisions, or movie theaters. In fact, there isn't any electricity or, except in upper class homes, running water for that matter.

♚ 〈 ᴍᴏɴᴛʜ 〉
August, Friday, 4th

♚ 〈 ᴛɪᴍᴇ 〉
morning | mid morning | late morning | afternoon | late afternoon | evening | night

♚ 〈 ᴡᴇᴀᴛʜᴇʀ 〉
sunny | clear | cloudy | snowy | windy | breezy | rainy | stormy | hailing

♚ 〈 ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛs 〉
- A summer fair is taking place right outside the city of Salna with fireworks, music, dancing, games, stalls, and food. This will take place next weekend

- Cecil Sayer, the well known playwright, has composed an entirely new play about a unicorn turned into a maiden and a prince falling in love with her. Sayer's newest play can be viewed at the Edris Theater House on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday.

message 23: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond | 36 comments Hi guys! I’m in the process of creating a character, but I need some help with the naming process. The faceclaim is Bailee Madison and I already have photos picked out. See Here.

I was thinking of something along the lines of Emma or Eliza but wanted a second opinion.

message 24: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
eliza is pretty :o I don't know if Ezra is a fem name or not but thats also along those lines?

message 25: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond | 36 comments Ezra is pretty! I looked it up and it appears to be mostly masculine with some cases of it being a girls name. I also found Ezri (ez-ree), which is the feminine form of Ezra but I see either one being used as feminine names.

Oh boy, this just got harder! :0 I’m really liking all of them. I’ll have to sit on it for awhile now.

message 26: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
best of luck!

message 27: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
Ezri sounds really pretty, I like that one as well :)

message 28: by [deleted user] (new)

Are we aloud create guardians or friends of the swans someone who can keep secrets

message 29: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
Hello ᏦᎥᏆ, welcome to the group!
I'm sure that would be okay, but I'd wait for Brooklyn to give the official approval.
I can't wait to see what characters you come up with :)

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Thank you! I just don't want to only make main characters, you know?

message 31: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond | 36 comments Kit I feel the same way! Of course everyone should probably have at least one main character so they can be part of the action but it’s nice to have side characters that can do other things

message 32: by Lyn (last edited Apr 04, 2018 02:11PM) (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
@ Brooklyn

Whenever you log on, I had a quick question.
Do the princes, or other people in the castle know that these girls that the Queen brought in, can turn to swans? Or is that secret to everyone to further pull them away from their life they used to know. I just wanted to know before I replied to your post in the castle grounds. :)

message 33: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond | 36 comments @lyn

I had that exact same question as well. But if I remember correctly, and I’ll check, but in the Once upon a Time thread where it explains how the queen got the Maidens it said that the princes didn’t know they were Swan maidens. But that doesn’t mean they won’t tell the princes, or the princes believe them in return.

message 34: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
@ Kya
Ahh, yes, I see that now. Thanks! Okay, I will base it off of that, the queen probably didn't tell them about the actual swan part. Just women from another land who needed their help and were staying in the castle for the time being.

message 35: by Brooklyn (new)

Brooklyn (toxikitty7887) | 67 comments Mod
Hey! I will clear that up that NO the princes and anyone besides the maidens, those they already know, the witch, and the queen are the only ones who know of their gift. The girls have been ultimately silenced it seems, and are unable to tell anyone about what they are, as the queen fears that her son's morals are greater than hers, and will aid in the escape.

Kit! You are more than welcome to have creative freedom in creating a character, the ones I have posted are just the mains that are the biggest in the plot, if you need help or are uncertain you can PM me or Lyn to guide you in the right direction!

message 36: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
@ Astrid
I just decided to message you on here.
So Gillian will be coming back from talking to the witch and she has offered him a proposition. She will heal him, if she can return the cloaks to the maidens. That is if he can find them and yet, what makes it harder for him is that he doesn't know who the maidens are since they won't be revealing themselves to just anybody.
So, when he meets Aria, depending on how you want her react or if he finds out she is a swan maiden. They can try to help each other out, he'll offer a proposition to her. If she helps him, then he will help her. That is if her intent is to bring back her fellow swan maiden sisters (figuratively speaking) from the clutches of the castle. Meanwhile, Aria can pinpoint who is a swan maiden, allowing for Gillian to draw closer to them and find out more about their situation. He has to go into the castle under the pretense of a relative of the Prince of Vuldan, not really saying that he is since no one has really met the prince. He's secretive and rather not let people know his identity. So, they can be each other's ticket into the castle. Let me know if that made sense, I can give more detail or explain myself a bit more. Feel free to add in any ideas of your own, especially since I don't know how Aria will react but I'll get that when we write out the parts. :)

| ♛ | a ѕ т r ι d (dnastrid) | 15 comments @ Lyn

I'm really sorry for the late reply!

Well, I couldn't have thought it up better ^_^ Aria could pose as his consort, which would, indeed, make it easier to get into the castle. Well, I'm not very good at plotting things in advance so I'll probably just go with the flow and think along as we go.

Perhaps the meeting could happen at night? Since Aria is a swan maiden, she'll be in the lake around that time to escape. She'd be lost and then she would spot Gillian making his way through the forest. Aria could try (and miserably fail) to follow him out of the forest. Agh I'm seriously bad at this stuff so pardon my lack of ideas at the moment XD

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Question now that I've posted my chara ter do I wait for it to get accepted or do I just go?

message 39: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
You can start roleplaying, whenever you want. And if you need a specific place opened, such as Elhamm village we can help with that, just let us know. Brooklyn will message you if she sees anything that needs to be fixed in your character's profile. Marvela looks great by the way :)

That idea is great! I will get started on writing up the first post and post it as soon as I can! I like the fact that she would try to sneakily follow him out of the forest at night. And then he would...okay. I will just roleplay this all out, can't wait :)

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)


Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. Do I just ask if I would like anyone to roleplay with? Also would it be possible for you to make Elhamm village for me please?

message 41: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond | 36 comments Anyone want to roleplay with Royce? I was thinking that I'd start him off in the town instead of the castle. Or better question is does anyone want to do a collab with him?

message 42: by [deleted user] (new)

Yea sure!

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

My character is 24 but she disguises herself as a guy

message 44: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond | 36 comments ᏦᎥᏆ ~ Responding to everything this Saturday ~ wrote: "My character is 24 but she disguises herself as a guy"

I'll message you.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Would anyone be willing to collab with me for my Swan Maiden trying to help rescue the other Swans?

message 46: by Lyn (new)

Lyn | 75 comments Mod
@ Kit
@Astrid (since it involces your swan maiden as well)
You may want to hit Astrid up with that idea. We have a collab with my character Gillian and her character Aria that he will get her into the castle grounds if she helps Gillian pinpoint a swan maiden so he can get one step closer to his goal. But other than that. Gillian is a solo character. He doesnt like to team up with people. So if you and Astrid want to have the two free swan maidens plan something, i would suggest that. This is all suggestion, just spit ballin ideas ^^

message 47: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 07, 2018 06:21PM) (new)

Well, I have absolutely no clue what you guys have planned but from what I've gathered, Aria and Gillian are sneaking in and need help navigating the forest, maybe since Marvela often winds up in the forest escaping from the guards she can show them one of her escape routes? Or you either sneaking into the castle which in that case Marvela could of caught wind that some of the swans were there but still looking for their cloaks. So maybe Marvela ends up there trying to get an idea of where they would be located?

| ♛ | a ѕ т r ι d (dnastrid) | 15 comments @ Kit

Wow, what a coincidence! :o My swan maiden also also wants to rescue her fellow maidens who were captured. This is interesting.

Just an idea, feel free to criticize it lol: instead of working together, how about it becomes a contest to find the other swan maidens first? Well, our characters have pure intentions to rescue the maidens, yeah? But our characters don't know that. Gillian, especially, who is more like a lone wolf would probably flip when he hears of someone else looking for the captured swan maidens. But in the end, it'll all come out as a huge misunderstanding when they all meet at some point in the castle. ^_^

message 49: by Kya | Diamond (new)

Kya | Diamond | 36 comments @Kit

If it’s all good with you guys I may want to get in on this too. My Swan maiden is almost done (not a captured one), and maybe, depending on her personality she may be wanting to find the captured ones to?
If it’s all good with you to have another person in on this, if not it’s all good.

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

Kya | Diamond wrote: "@Kit

If it’s all good with you guys I may want to get in on this too. My Swan maiden is almost done (not a captured one), and maybe, depending on her personality she may be wanting to..."

I thought only two Swan Maidens were out of the castle???

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