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((This is where Raz and Lily are going, no?))

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Raz walked in with Lily. "So... My Princess, welcome to the dorms." he said.

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"You can sleep in my bed." he said. "I'll sleep on the floor or something." he said.

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"It would probably be better if you slept in the bed though." he said.

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"Are you.. sure?" he asked. "I'm perfectly fine with sleeping on the floor.." he said.

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"Ok..." he said, climbing onto the bed.

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"I do?" he asked. "

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"Ok. But i'd rather not have to train you.." he said.

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"cool.." he yawned.

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((*Casually shipping*))

"Goodnight My Princess..." he said quietly and turned off the lights. He was soon asleep.

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((He doesn't, But i do XD))

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((I googled it XD))

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((Google told me it meant Love.))

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Raz woke up and yawned.

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Raz looked at Lilly and smiled. He pet her softly for a moment and then stood up.

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He looked at her again. He sat back by her and began to pet her again. "Everything is ok." he said in a soft (But Sexy XD) voice.

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He kissed her head. "If that is what you wish, My princess." he said quietly (But still Sexy!).

((*When you start to think the roles of master-servant are reversed*))

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"D-Daddy?" he stuttered, blushing like crazy.

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Raz stayed quiet, he knew it was wrong, but he couldn't stop himself from listening.

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"Lilly?" he asked, it was clear he was concerned now.

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"Lilly!" he said in a stern voice (but still caring) as he lightly shook her to wake up.

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"It's 8 A.M. Are you ok?" he asked.

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He looked at her for a moment. "I-its nothing." he soon said.

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"Lets... get something to eat." he said, changing the subject.

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"Oh ok! I'll.. just step outside for a bit." he said, realizing what she was wearing and blushing bright red.

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He looked around the halls. They were pretty empty and was really quiet. He saw Yuki walking around with her familiar, or rather chasing after her familiar, which was much bigger than when it was first summoned.

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"Ready to go?" he asked.

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"First to get some breakfast." he said.

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"I honestly have no idea, Maybe the Cafeteria?" he said.

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"Ok lets go." he said, leading her toward the cafeteria.

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Raz lead her to Yuki and her siblings room. He took out a key and unlocked the door. "How'd you get in?" Hotaru asked. "I duplicated The childs key." He answered.

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Yuki looked at Lilly. "Hello Miss." Yuki said as she sat up. Hotaru tried to get Yuki to lay back down but Yuki refused. Yuki's familiar greeted Lilly. "So whats wrong with the child this time?" Raz asked. "She has a cold" Katzu said.

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"Joo, olen kunnossa. Idiootteja täällä ei pysähdy babying minua kuitenkin." Yuki said. Hotaru and Katzu looked at the two, completely confused. "Do you know what they're saying?" Hotaru asked Raz and he shook his head.

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"Oikea? En tarkoita että se on vain kylmä, en aio kuolla tai mitään.." Yuki said. "How come the younger one can speak this language?" Raz asked. "Nobody knows." Katzu said. Yuki held up a sign that said "Study idiots."

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"Se olisi hienoa!" Yuki said, hoping to finally be allowed to leave the room.

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"Kiitos." Yuki said as she took the pill. Hotaru saw her swallow it and panicked. "You didn't just eat a coconut or peadh did you?" Hotaru panicked. "I wouldn't be talking normally if i did. I'm not stupid, i dont do things that'd kill me." Yuki hissed.

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"Yeah... I'd be stupid to steal from Raz's girlfriend anyways." Yuki said.

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"Wait how'd you know?" Raz asked. "I have my ways. Plus you should've known. Just like my siblings, if you bring a guy or girl over and you aren't married or at least dating, they'd get kicked out immediately." Yuki said. "I forgot that rule..." Katzu mumbled.

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"Hm.. at first i had a hunch that he may have liked you. Him trying to act cool and everything when he summoned you. Then when i tried to escape into town earlier i caught a glimpse of you two through the cafe Window before getting caught by Katzu and Hotaru and was dragged back here. So i called a 'friend' and had them watch what happened and report to me after." Yuki said.

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"Thank you. I try." Yuki said. "Aren't you usually shy or something?" Raz asked. "Hm? But she's not intimidating like the teenagers at school. Plus, she's your girlfriend, so she must be something. I mean you mainly ignored most girls." Yuki said as she grabbed a blue rose from her vase. She handed it to Lilly and smiled. "For you, Mi'lady. Please treat Raz well, even if he can be a total idiot time to time."

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"Good. As long as you don't kill him or leave permanent damage you can punish him however you like. Only if he deserves it." Yuki said.

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"Yes, Thank You, Lady Lilly." Yuki said.

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"Raz.." Yuki began. "I know, if i hurt her i'm dead. You can't possibly believe i'll do something to hurt her though. I'm not like your brother. Anyways, are you ready to leave, Lilly?" Raz asked.

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"Ok. See ya guys." Raz said. "You two are always welcomed here!" Yuki's sister said. "Bye Lilly! Thanks again!" Yuki said as Raz opened the door and left the room.

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Raz closed the door. "So what do you want to do now?" He asked.

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Hm.. maybe we should turn in for the night?" He suggested.

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Raz walked to their dorm, carrying fox Lily on his shoulder.

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