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A district built on the side of a cliff in the Northwest of Karnaca, with steep mountainous terrain and separated in lower and upper areas. Many children gather around the water fountain in the middle of the quarter to throw coins in and make wishes, otherwise it's one of the more quiet places in Karnaca.

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Hammie | 126 comments This wasn't how he expected his patrol to go.

The man beside him- Militant, obviously- Had been assigned to him on a three hour interval before they had to head back towards the Abbey. They'd gotten a quieter district, and the silence was almost deafening, seeing as the other man had yet to speak.

Acton didn't like silence at all. When things got to quiet he normally filled them with his own voice, ego lifting and rising to make sure things stayed the way they were. But now it was just too awkward to do anything, mask covering the slight concern on his face as they both walked through the streets of the Aventa Quarter. Maybe they'd just get it done in silence.

Yeah. Silence.

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Assessment. Reassessment. Conclusion? The man beside him definitely wanted to be else where. He'd introduced himself earlier, not by name, mostly by presence, but he could tell that it had no effect and they were likely stuck at a stalemate. Who would speak first, he wondered.

Jhin appreciated the silence. Unlike most of his other pairings, this one seemed to be unsure of how to fill it. Jhin however, knew just how to wallow in it. Keeping stride with his partner, while his head stayed turned in the opposite direction, scanning the corners and cracks of the Aventa Quarter. It wasn't exactly known to be the most 'happening' of places, but nonetheless needed patrolling.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton had a good few inches on the other man, and he appreciated that. At least he knew he was at a somewhat good position, also seeming to be a bit more well-muscled in the situation. Though that did mean they might be faster than he... Wait, why was he analyzing them as if they were an enemy? Did they really place him on edge that much?

No, it wasn't just them. It was how familiar he looked- The long, slicked back hair, darker colored cloak than his own. Something about the way he walked, the strides having to be twofold as his own legs were longer. That seemed different. But Acton didn't know why he was so familiar, why he set him off in both warning and safety. It was confusing, and he hated when things were confusing.

Whatever the reason, silence masked it as much as his face was.

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attila (probablyafk) | 39 comments Counting each step as they moved swiftly within the quarter, Jhin took his time evaluating the likely-hood of this match up being more permanent than his last. So far, he preferred this one over the last. He wasn't forcing him to make small talk, or to quote scripture back and forth. Even as they passed by the children near the fountain, the other man merely looked in their direction. If this was to become a regular way of patrolling for him, he'd gladly accept.

Just as Jhin pulled his attention back to the quarter itself, children's laughter began to echo around him. Bringing him back to the task at hand. In an odd, jerked movement, he spun back. His full attention falling on the fountain. He inhaled sharply before forcing his legs to move forward. Children, were not his strong suit. As soon as he approached the laughter had stopped and all had fallen silent around him. That happened often when Jhin entered any area.
He crouched down to eye level with one of the children, who, surprisingly enough, didn't cower. "I have something for you," his voice seemed robotic and flat as he reached under his cloak, pulling out a few pages of scripture. He wasn't one for preaching, in fact, he almost never did.

"Be sure to read it properly." Tone unchanging, he stood again, towering over the group as they huddled around the paper, curious to whatever text filled it's spaces. While Jhin turned away, his gloved hands pulling his cloak further around him as he made head-way towards the few and final sections his partner and himself had yet to cover.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton had watched in silence, that is, until the other man had spoken. He recognized the ice in his voice, all words cooled and chilled, with no emotion. For a moment he still didn't understand, and then his heart was in his throat, eyes widening underneath the ceramic of his twisted mask.

Jhin Svenskeren.

The name flashed in his mind, and before he could stop his thought process, his thought process stopped his feet. This was the boy who he'd been in training with, this was the man who he'd read too when they were younger. The man who'd suddenly stopped after standing up for him, the man who left him trailing after something. He still didn't know what that something was. Despite this fact he wavered, confidence gone, everything gone. Demeanor changing, his back straightened up, remembering how much shorter he used to be.

Remembering everything that made him weak, everything that made him think twice. Remembering Jhin.

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attila (probablyafk) | 39 comments
Something in the air shifted, giving Jhin an icy shiver down his spine while forcing him to cross his arms under his cloak. It seemed a bit unfair that he'd spoken to children, but not even huffed in the direction of his partner.

"Oi," he breathed, his tone lifted a bit more than it had with the children. Uncrossing his arms for a moment to fish a few of the flyer-based scripture he had stashed beneath it. "This place doesn't usually get out of hand, does it?" His arm extended, offering the pages to his partner.

"It's this or preaching," Jhin shrugged, the pages slightly wrinkling in the wind. He didn't take this man to be much of a speaker, he'd held out against Jhin long enough to force him to be the one who bridged communal contact. But that wouldn't last long. Jhin wasn't one for more than one attempt, because if you had done it right the first time there would be no need for a second, and the only time he would ever accept second attempts, was if it were the rounds coming from his pistol.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton, shaking himself out of his stupor, shook his head. "No, it doesn't usually get to riled up around here." Taking the fliers, forcing himself to walk, still straight and stiffened. It was so quiet, that now speech seemed to be foreign. Confusing at the very least, as he quietly placed strictures upon walls of homes. taping them up before moving along. Trying not to think about who was beside him.

"It's this or preaching for you, I'm an Elite. I could be traveling the isles right now if I wished." He wondered why Jhin wasn't an Elite himself. He'd had potential, so the others had said. But he seemed... Out of control, despite his icy outlook. Acton's voice was softer than normal, softer than how he'd ever spoken with another person. He knew how Jhin liked his silence. He knew everything.

'Damn it man, are you daft? Shut yourself up about this!' A silent, passing thought in the back of his head. But that was quickly gone from his mind, replaced with the past. With the trials.

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attila (probablyafk) | 39 comments
Jhin shrugged his shoulders, following a few steps behind with his arm outstretched, allowing his fingers to glide against the stone of the buildings as well as over the papers his partner was taping to the walls. "Mmh. I suppose you've got a point." Elite's were a foreign thing to him. Renowned as a bunch of powerhouses' but were used as glorified right hands. They were a subject Jhin didn't care to discuss, mostly because there wasn't much to discuss.

It felt like an century had passed until he had finally run out of papers. 'What now?' his brain searched for other possibilities of work they may have missed while mindlessly taping up the flyers to any standing structure they could find.

A figure, or two? Jhin stopped, reaching forward to grab and tug on his partner's cloak. "Look." Out of the corner of his eye he spotted what looked like a group from the distance he was standing away from them down a large, but darker set of side street. Not that it wasn't uncommon to see folk standing around and chatting among themselves, but he could of swore he saw something. A glint, something metallic shining near the back part of the alley. 'Now, what would someone need with something like metal?' His lips began to slip into a smirk beneath the mask as his body fully turned, his attention focused on the figures dipped in the shadows.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton was surprised when Jhin reached out to tug at him. It wasn't exactly something he'd expected to happen, the idea of them touching him. They hadn't touched before, not even in the past. But when his eyes fell upon the other few figures, his mind silenced. For once.

"...Whale bone charms. They're carving whale bone charms." Acton said it with a soft amount of realization in his voice, and before long he had his left hand on his sword, ready to pull out and strike. Heretics were to be killed and punished, of course, but they'd need an answer first. A reason. So he was silent in making his way over, hood pulling low over his masked face.

"All of you stay put, and this will be quick." He was even more quiet in addressing the few, finally drawing his saber and placing it to the backside of one. Time to figure this out, eh?

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Unlike his partner, Jhin wasn't exactly prone to chatting when it came to the more, threatening part of their occupation. He was more of a, act first, chat about it after kind of guy. So while Acton moved forward without hesitation, Jhin himself hung back a bit, stalking closer to the walls of the alley as they made their approach. From what he gathered by analyzing the area was that there wasn't many places to run, and even less places to swing a saber around.

One of the figure's facing the two Abbey men glanced up, a mixed of fear and confidence leaking into his facial expression. His hand's froze in place, the whale bone charm clutched in his filthy hands. The man opposite, Acton's saber placed against his back, shook slightly but it didn't seem to be out of fear. Was he.. laughing? Something made an alarm in Jhin's mind ring so loud it almost deafened him, slightly irritated he tried to quiet the sounds in his head when his eye caught the movement. Almost like a snake, the third man's hand curled around the blunt end of the whale bone he was holding, and in slow motion, or at least in Jhin's eyes, his arm began to swing upward with plans to connect to Acton's chin.

"Probably not." A low, primal growl ripped through Jhin's throat as his pistol flew into his hand, a warning round releasing from it's chamber and closing the distance between the man's pinky, ring and middle finger. The sound of the pistol firing covered the cracking and ripping of the bones and flesh that made up the three phalanges. Blowing them clear off the man's hand in it's entirety.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton ducked his head in preparation for the blow to connect, but when the man's hand exploded in front of him... Well, there was only one thing to do. Running his saber through the one in front of him was easy enough, blood wetting steel as the man gurgled up a mouthful of crimson liquid.

After yanking it out with a very undignified noise, Acton turned to the last man. They'd already had a dagger raised in hand, and as Jhin had suspected, it wasn't exactly a good place for him to be swinging a dagger around. It would've been the hilt to connect to the blade, and thus he prepared to take a blow to the shoulder. Easy enough to do, with the scar tissue going to numb the pain a bit anyways.

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Jhin watched the motions eagerly, waiting for his opportunity to strike. He knew he had to be more careful now with Acton on his side, the man, although a very skilled fighter, took up a lot of room to show those skills. The bodies around him dropped like flies, leaving only one figure left to defend himself. The man didn't look like he could do the pair of them any great harm, but heretic's weren't to be handled whether there were 10 of them, or one.

Blood pooled around his dark leather boots as he stepped forward, tracking what was left of the two men's life forces under his boot as he moved. "You'd be wise t-" No time for reasoning, Jhin's pistol took aim but this time, there wasn't going to be any more warning shots. One sharp inhale, and he'd blown a hole in the side of the man's shoulder, pieces of flesh and muscle ripping from it's owner and hanging wide open. A shriek rippled through the small space within the alley way as Jhin drew closer, his hand gripping Acton's shoulder to pull him back a bit. "Say goodnight." He laid the end of the barrel to the man's forehead, his finger gradually pulling the trigger, his body still ever unflinching.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton wasn't exactly unaffected by the kill. He didn't care- It was a heretic, a person who'd given themselves over to the Void. But it made him realize just how real Jhin was in that moment, how he was back. He was back, watching his back, truly and deeply.

"...Thought I was going to have to take the hit for a moment." He spoke softly, glancing over to the hand that Jhin had placed upon his shoulder. "Thank you."

After that he went quiet again, shrugging off the touch and heading for the putter areas of the alley. The other watch would come around and pick up the bodies later, or at least whatever was left of them if something happened. The Abbey tended to uh... 'Cover up' their mistakes, try not to sully their already horrible reputation. Now they just had to continue the rest of their rounds, finish up the Aventa Quarter, and then he could leave. He could forget again.

But Acton wasn't sure he wanted to.

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attila (probablyafk) | 39 comments
Jhin's hand slipped back beneath his cloak, tucking his pistol into the holster kept underneath it. He wasn't sure if he had done the right thing in that moment, or if he'd possibly rubbed Acton the wrong way. But that didn't really matter. He did what he came out here to do, and that was to destroy any hidden links to the Void within the walls of this community.

"Well, if we're going to be partners for now, I won't just leave you hanging." He shrugged, picking up the pace as he gathered the three whale bone charms that the eliminated figures had been working on, keeping them for disposal once they had returned to the Abbey.

Silence resumed as the pair scoured the streets, speaking to a few of the residence around the area they'd seen the figures and the charms to make sure there were no further connections than the bodies that they'd left behind.

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Hammie | 126 comments There weren't, according to some. According to others, there might have been a shrine nearby, though they couldn't be sure. Acton had felt no pull of the Void in the area, and thus, the continued with their rounds. He was surprised when Jhin referred to him as a partner, surprised that he'd speak of anyone as a partner. But he was glad, suddenly, that he had Jhin back. That he did think of him as a partner.

"I'm thankful. Good to know there's someone else in the Abbey I can trust with my life." Whom he'd always trusted with his life, now and in the past. But then the past had ripped him away, and that had rubbed Acton raw until he started forgetting. Now, he could never forget.

He knew the face of Jhin, what it looked like under the Abbey's masks. He knew, and he was never going to forget it. Not as long as there was breath in his lungs, ground under his feet.

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The rest of the rounds within the Quarter were far less exciting than the little scuffle they had found themselves in earlier. All of which made Jhin a bit more irritated with every block they walked and corner they turned. Of course he'd never voice this, and as quick as the stress came it would leave, courtesy of the Abbey's training trials, the man knew never to fuel anything besides his passion for keeping the Void at bay.

"With your life, huh?" Jhin mused lightly, beginning to let his usual cold exterior fall away as they returned back to the fountain in the middle of the Quarter.

This spot in particular made Jhin a little uneasy, sure it wasn't a big deal to walk near the fountain, or speak to the children that usually played there as he had done earlier today. But when he moved close enough to visibly see himself as a reflection on the water's surface, it made a squeezing sensation take over Jhin's chest and stomach. Pulling him back away from the fountain as a whole.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton felt himself laugh just a little bit at Jhin's statement, but as he sat down on the rim of the fountain, he found the other backing away. It was a peculiar sight to him- until he remembered what The Abbey must have done to him in those few days he was away during the trials. He'd come back unscathed, unscarred- but different. He was cold before, but he'd come back ice.

"...Are you afraid of the water? And yes, with my life. It's something I don't take lightly, in most hands. But you seem capable, more so than most militants." And I know you, played in the back of his mind. I know you and everything you did for me years and years ago.

Yet still he didn't move, quietly watching as the sun sank below the horizon, bathing the world in different hues of color and sounds. It was peaceful, to watch the flow of water turn almost pink in the new lighting.

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Jhin kept a healthy distance between himself and the fountain now, almost missing what Acton had said to him.
"Mmh? What? No." He shook his head, his arms defensively crossing across his body. "That would be ridiculous." He poured more confidence than he was really feeling into his response as he his fingers began to gently crawl across upper arms as he watched his partner relax back into his place.

He didn't bother making more conversation, becoming stuck in his own little world something inside of him squeezed and twisted in a heated type of way. "Should we not keep moving?" His tone dropped again, his face barely holding any expression as he turned his back to the fountain, as well as Acton. He didn't have anything against the guy, or the question he asked. He just couldn't bring himself to start spitting up his life story to someone he'd just become acquainted with.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Jhin. I know you're afraid." Acton murmured the words, so quiet they were barely heard above running water. "I know you." That was tacked on a good few seconds afterwards, even softer than the first. He was taking a risk here, trying to see if they could remember hum. If they knew him as soon as they'd heard his voice, his mannerisms, the way he carried himself. And if they didn't... By the Void, if they didn't. The moment suddenly grew tense, and he wasn't willing to speak. Not again.

So instead, he lifted his mask off of his face. It was just enough to see the hazel eyes and dark brown hair underneath, his features more toned and matured with age. But Jhin would still recognize him, because he remembered everything. Jhin always remembered everything.

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Jhin was unsure for a moment, something dancing inside his mind as he tried to make sense of it. Had he met his Elite before? Well, it was possible. They both seemed to be of the same age, by what Jhin could guess at. So that would have meant they went through the trial's together. Could he have remembered him from there? His spine began to crawl thinking back to the trial's. The only memory flooding his mind was all of the running water.

"I'm sorry, what?" Ice laced through his tone as his body went ridged. What did he mean he knew him? This had to be some kind o- That face... Jhin's head began to pound as his eyes vigorously scanned the face in front of him, the eyes, the jaw line, even the man's nose was all painfully familiar. 'No.' Jhin told himself internally. There was no place for this, especially not now.

"I think you've mistaken me for another." His breath trapped in his throat for a few moments afterwards. He'd learned his lesson well enough before.

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Hammie | 126 comments "...If that is how you see it, Jhin. If that is how you see it." A lance of hurt shot through Acton's chest, and you could see it in the way his mouth curved, the way his eyes suddenly dropped in sheen. So he really didn't remember him, but if he didn't, then what was that hesitance? What was the concern and true ice in his tone, the quiet of his spit words? They'd done something in the Trials, he knew they had, but it wasn't as if he'd be able to figure it out without a little file combing. Something to do with water, he knew, thus the fear in this moment.

He carefully slid his mask back on, but the harm had been clear on his face before he managed to cover it up. Jhin would've seen through it anyways, he knew, but it was worth a shot in at least trying to show some form of strength in the moment; strength which had failed him as soon as he heard those first words. But for what it was worth, he still spoke, soft crack in the words, "We've finished our rounds, but we still have time. There's nothing else to do." They couldn't go back early, Acton knew that. It was a bad idea.

But what else was there to do? Sit and mope about the man right in front of him? Try to gain some semblance of understanding that surely wouldn't come? Questions as much as answers made his head spin, And yet he voiced none of them. Leaned back further on the fountain where he still sat, face upturned to Jhin, trying to read what emotions he could from body language. It wasn't much, but it was something. Something.

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If he could form a real feeling, and force it through his already rigid body, he would have. But alas, years of slowly losing touch with everything besides the hauntingly immediate consequences that plagued him well throughout his childhood, and adolescence. Years of chronic fear had molded him into something a few notches below human and thus far, nothing has ever pulled him out of that hole. Today in itself had been a rather odd experience for Jhin. The way he came to his partner's rescue without letting him finish the job himself. Or even the way Acton had thanked him afterwards. All of it wasn't what Jhin had become accustomed too working with out militants, as well as his few meetings with other Elite's.

Jhin could feel the air around the two of them grow just a bit to warm for his tastes. He took a step back slowly. His mind still furiously at work with processing. There could be many reason's Acton had shown himself like that. He had been given multiple warnings about the way he handled the street work, or the way he spoke with not only his colleges but witnesses too. Jhin had allowed himself to marry nothing but his job, making him a real risk to their organization if they couldn't keep him under wraps. Could that have been the reason Acton had shown himself? The possibility of being put under the treatment he had in the trial's resurfaced in his mind, and suddenly it felt like it was a little harder to breathe. Like liquid was beginning to fill his lungs.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Jhin? Jhin, are you alright?" Acton seemed to notice his hesitance, thinking it due to his own behavior. And really, that probably wasn't far off. He slowly stood from the fountain's edge, mask now covering his face but not the concerned note in his voice. Though his hands stayed at his sides, even as his feet moved himself just a little bit closer to the other. Was it something physical? Maybe they should get away from the water altogether... But that might not help, with how over the edge he seemed to be teetering. Again, probably because of Acton's steps in an attempt to bridge an almost forgotten gap.

Finally, he very slowly reached up, trying to get a read on the unreadable man. One hand was placed on Jhin's shoulder, trying to keep him steady despite the large space between their bodies. Even if he closed it, there was doubt in his mind that it would help anything at all. Give someone time, give someone space if they need. He was probably still processing. Acton knew nothing of his other street work, he knew nothing of his other patrol partners or circumstances. More or less, he just wanted Jhin okay. "Should we move away from the water? We could find somewhere else to spend our time."

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The closer Acton got, the more the imagined liquid poured into his lungs. 'Just get away..' the words ached to leave his lips but Jhin could only muster to part them slightly. Air slowly slipping into the opening and causing him to panic even more. Water. Black, murky water. Flooding over his body, in his body, through his vein's. It was so cold. His skin crawled once Acton's hand touched his shoulder. Even through the many layers of clothing, he wanted him further away. There was no protection if Acton was closing the gaps.

No time for thinking. Quickly, Jhin's hand fumbled with the holster under his cloak, his pistol sliding out with ease. In one quick movement, it was planted firmly in Acton's rib cage, as Jhin's free hand flew up and grasped the wrist just off of his shoulder.

"God. You're so fucking loud." He seethed, pushing the barrel into the other man's rib cage just a bit more, as his feet firmly planted themselves in place. "And you obviously don't listen. I said, you have me mistaken for another." He flicked the safety off of the pistol, as much of his eyes as could be seen from under his mask iced over. It had been years since he'd been this close to Acton, and there was a tugging sensation threatening to rip him apart. Either he was going to fall, or Acton would.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton would've stepped back once metal hit his ribs, but Jhin's hand was on his wrist, keeping him in place. And those words, the very same spoken to him when he'd decided to take a matter of fighting into his own hands. Panic and hurt bubbled in his core, eyes going wide under that damned to the Void mask. Eventually he had the good sense to use his other hand and draw his saber, quickly placing it to Jhin's fingers. Void that hurt so much- That hurt so, so much. "Let me go, Jhin. I'll step away, or I'll cut your fingers off to let me."

Everything hurt. He'd just said something he could never have meant, and everything hurt. The other man had a vice-grip on his heart, and it was rubbing him raw all over again, squeezing shards into dust. He felt his own stance sway, but he wasn't falling just yet, jaw clacking into place against teeth. The tension was something to focus on, he assumed, but it was so hard to focus when people were slowly coming from their homes to watch two Overseers draw their weapons on each other. Acton didn't want the attention- Not right now, at least- and he knew for a fact Jhin wouldn't either.

Loud. Loud, he'd said, and he suddenly something clicked. Jhin remembered, he remembered, but for some reason he was pushing him away again. Shoving, if he was being honest, and nothing about that made him any more normal than he was. Than he had been. They really had done something horrid to the other in there, hadn't they..?

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attila (probablyafk) | 39 comments
Jhin's vision was slowly tunneling, he could feel his fingers beginning to shake as they held the pistol in place. Acton was right. This wasn't the place for conflict, and even if it was, Jhin wouldn't be able to dig himself out of the hole he'd already semi-dug for himself. A bitter tasted filled his mouth as he released his partner, flicking the safety back on the pistol and then holstering it. He could see that the small crowd around them began to disperse, muttering among themselves as they did so. If Acton wasn't going to report what just happened, he could sure count on any of those who saw that display.

His body began to ache as Acton stepped away, finally coming back down from whatever part inside his brain he had rushed himself into. Jhin knew how stupid a move he just pulled, and there was no way to save him now. His shoulders hung a little lower as he stood, his head tilted to the side studying his partner. It would take way more time than Jhin really wanted to wait for, but he'd find a way to rid himself of Acton. Whether it be by pure will, or force.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton put away his own weapon, waving the crowd off as they made their exit. He wasn't going to report it- The violence had been reproached, and he'd been the one to cause it. None of it was Jhin's fault, and he wasn't planning on letting someone else take the fall for him. As far as the others went, he would try to keep them quiet too. It was the least he could do, for both the good of the Abbey, and Jhin's own good. But he could admit, he was only thinking about one of those subjects right now. None the less he began to walk, making sure to keep his voice just above a whisper. "Come. We'll go somewhere else."

Anywhere else, anywhere at all. He could still feel the pain with each step, bringing him further away from the other, and it just pushed his heart into his throat. If they did anything to Jhin when he got back... He couldn't guarantee the safety of anyone in the room, including himself. He'd stood up for them before, and he wasn't planning on stopping now, be it his superiors or someone beneath his class.

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attila (probablyafk) | 39 comments
Jhin arched his shoulders forward slightly, following along behind Acton. The streets were practically as dead as they were before now. Not counting the few children and adult's still peeking through their curtains as the two of them made their way down the streets once more. Was he going to be able to survive this single outing? He'd gotten physical with other partner's before, but not to that extent. Mostly just a quick jab or punch and they'd be on their way. This time thought, it was completely different. Would he have actually pulled the trigger? He hadn't the slightest clue. It was beginning to become apparent to him that there was a huge side of himself that, he just couldn't get in touch with.

"Where are we going..?" When he finally spoke, he could feel the aura around the both of them freeze up. Not to say he blamed Acton for it. He knew he was the cause of it now. They'd been circling the streets, not so much as glancing at one another before he'd finally pushed himself into speaking. Exhaustion was slowly washing over him, not yet sure if it was from all of the excitement or just a long day of work.

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Hammie | 126 comments "I don't even know." Acton muttered the words, and flinched just a bit when Jhin's voice rolled across the air between them once again. Truth be told, he'd just needed to think, hadn't been keeping track of the streets they traveled down. Silence was fine, now- He could think with silence. But the strange thing about him was that he always thought better with noise. Listening to his own footsteps had been just fine before Jhin spoke up again. "Just need to walk." His voiced remained non-hostile, and he rolled out his shoulders before clasping his hands behind his back.

Where should they go? There was a coffee shop near the bottom of the quarter, but he doubted it served Overseers. The fountain had quickly become a no-go for both of them, if it caused the type of reaction Jhin had regularly. There was still that ghost of a pain in his chest, but this time he at least tried to shove it away and to the back of his mind. It didn't work in the slightest. The streets were getting darker, and yet they still had time before they had to head back.

Truth be told, Acton wasn't sure he wanted to head back.

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Following along, Jhin let all of the pressure in his limbs slowly defuse themselves. He thought about long nights he spent walking the streets of Karnaca, and how on the nights it wasn't busy, he would just find himself a tree or a bench to rest against or on. Those nights were peaceful. Mostly because his old partner's never really stuck around after the initial search. They'd always head off to the Golden Cat, or other pleasure based establishments to 'check' for mischief. Which, actually, was still part of their job. But Jhin knew it was for more than that more than likely.

"Walking is fine, I guess." He could feel his breaths becoming even again as the two of them walked on, gaining side-ways glances by the night community in the quarter. Finally, a time of day where he wouldn't have to think about children possibly popping up in the middle of their work.
"Here. Follow me." Jhin picked up the pace, getting in front of Acton and leading the way. There was a little side street with a small garden that he would usually waste time at if he were with anyone else, but maybe it would help the situation he put them in.

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Hammie | 126 comments Acton moved out of the way for Jhin easily, and then heaved a soft sigh. Taking the lead was normal for him, at least. So he simply followed along, no need for other words at that point. They could go where they wanted to go, that was no big deal to either the Abbey or Acton himself. Knowing Jhin, it was somewhere quiet, and somewhere to calm his nerves. Though he seemed slightly more normal at that point, and he was glad for it. Everything seemed suffocating at the moment, something was going to go horribly, terribly wrong and he just knew it.

Even then, he wanted quiet, and that wasn't normal at all. Maybe he just needed to focus more on the things around him, or maybe he just wanted some peace and quiet. But it wasn't as if he could vouch for anything at the moment.

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