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Hammie | 126 comments description

In the outskirts of his base, Leki of course, has his own room. A run down apartment on one of the higher floors of the building, close to the roofs and having balconies he can escape onto should they come under fire.

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Hammie | 126 comments Lekivian Abner was completely done with today. He'd been in this city for five years, and yet, there were still things that eluded him. That, and trying to come up with money, keep up his persona- No, himself- and lead something he'd never even attempted before. He was exhausted, he was bereft, he was-

Well. He didn't really know what he was.

As Leki slammed the door to his room, the runes and charms on The Outsider's shrine began to hum, rattling just slightly from how the energy traveled. It was so calming by now to hear them, so familiar after listening for years. Offhandedly his palm reached up, brushing under his shirt to run along the dark-inked skin left by the Mark. Comforting.

He made his way over to all of them, one hand still on the Mark as he began to tidy up. Placing charms and runes into their proper places, adjusting scraps of fabric, and finally working on his own touch. The shackles he'd worn in those days- he'd kept them, and they were now draped over split pieces of wood along with rich purple and pale blue ribbons.

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He hadn't shown himself since that night. In the cell, a dripping from the ceiling flowing down the crevices between rustic brick and cement older than the past three head overseers combined. Normally he did not come when called upon, for he was no hound chasing a whistle, nor a virgin to be sacrificed or a blossom to be picked.

But Lekivian had been a different case. There was always an exception to each and every rule and Outsider knew this after spending thousands of years observing humanity, the rise and fall of civilizations, empires crumbling and rebuilding themselves on top of the wreckage of the last, names and languages lost by time itself but never by him. Even when the memories buried themselves he still managed to pry them from their tombs and examine them like ancient relics or archaic artifacts, scraping the dust off with his fingertips, muttering the hymns of eternity under his breath.

"It's dangerous" his voice swept across the room like the whisps of a winter breeze and ran down the back of his neck, trickling down his spine, a ghost of what it should have been, ethereal in presence, dreamlike perhaps.

"To keep your shrine so close to your place of sleep. The most prominent minds of the empire have lost themselves to the maddening songs of the void, spending each and every day examining the runes, etching their nails along symbols written by a people so far gone some question whether or not they were ever there to begin with.... Yet you've always been an isolated occurrence, haven't you, Lekivian?" he spoke calmly and in one tone. Perhaps he was bored, or perhaps he was incapable of fluctuating the lengths of his voice in general. Either way, his words held an iambic meter to them that brought about a melody as he danced around the topic, a bit too fast for a lullaby and only a beat from a waltz.

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Hammie | 126 comments Leki had been so preoccupied that he failed to notice The Outsider making his way from the shadows. Though when the other did speak he jumped. hand whipping away from the mark and placing itself behind his back. He hadn't seen this person in five years. Five whole years had passed, and he'd chosen to make contact now? Now, when he was battered and broken again. Now, when he was so tired and angered and in an unrecoverable position again? Now, of all times. Anytime before this would have been better, at any point, somehow. Contact.

So of course, it was rational that Leki's face twisted in anger at the sight of him. But there was a hit of something bittersweet in the way his lip turned up, something that hinted at another emotion. Betrayal. The Outsider had made his way into his life, given him this 'gift,' and then simply left. Left, for five years. And now he was back. So of course he would feel this, all of these balled up negatives stuck up in his head.

"Have you considered that I was trying to draw attention? Or maybe you just can't fit any of this into your time, maybe you just don't care. Because it really seems like you don't care about anyone." Crossing his arms over his chest, weight shifting mostly onto his right foot. Defensive position for a defensive person. And yet, even as done as he was with today, he kept up that mask. That persona, even around someone like The Outsider.

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Outsider's eyes were a swirling pool of glossy black, even when they remained as deadpanned and blank as possible they still somehow held within them a quiet sadness, unspoken but lingering, subtle shades of light playing on them that made it seem as though he were on the brink of tears, even though he very clearly wasn't. He listened, patiently. He could wait an eternity, no really, he could.

Five years, six years, it didn't matter, time escaped him and occasionally he'd disappear for a decade entirely without batting an eye, it was a casual occurrence, but with more marked ones than ever before he supposed it'd be more advantageous to watch keenly even if from the shadows of a dimly lit room with lavender hues reaching outwards from a carefully tended shrine.

"A figure of myth is what ended your career" he stepped forward and the shadows from around them seemed to stretch towards him, licking at his boots like a richly gray fog, "And it was that figure of myth that created your current one. You've been given the mark of a god and yet you're still so insatiable for more?" he cooed as he leaned against the windowsill and dragged his fingers up the wall, fingers searching for the cracks and crevices chipped away with age. A fine residence, he thought to himself, privately.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Well I didn't exactly ask for any of this, but now that I have it, I intend to use it. That, and yes. I suppose I should thank you for what I now have- seeing as I didn't get the chance while I was still beaten bloody in that horrid place." Leki's tone took on that of a clipped annoyance, toeing the line towards hatred. But it never reached it, just shying away, never a true emotion in the voice. Once again his hand drifted to the Mark, reaching for the power of The Void granted to him.

Turning away from Outsider was easier thought than done. Black eyes drew him in, enticed from afar, before he finally made his way back to the shrine, still cleaning. Seductive, and almost blissfully unaware of how it could be. The room was cool, and sometimes, if he exhaled sharply enough; he could see his breath. But that hardly mattered, he was still fully clothed. But there was always something exposing about being around a thing of the Void.

"Pardon my asking, but I still don't know why exactly you left. I also don't know why you're here, which would be a wonderful piece of knowledge to have in my position." The cuffs tinkled in their place as he adjusted, one hand still on the mark while the other fiddled with clasps that had once bonded them. But that era was no more- The era of hatred, the era of confusion and oppression. The Outsider had prevented it from continuing.

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"With every escape you make, every choice and decisions, leaps from one rooftop to another with a blue sky overhead and the guards at your tail. With the bullets that you barely dodge, and all of the couldbe mishaps, you press your fingers to the mark. As though it were some form of omen, a ritualistic gratitude. Not many in your place are as thankful" his eyes flickered away and he considered how Habit thanked him.

... By charming men and women into his quarters every night. What. An. Asshole.

"And your shrine isn't littered with the bones of rats on street corners or expensive candles exported from Debokva's finest craftsmen, but things that you hold dear, things that sting at the core of you whenever you catch them in your periphery..." he trailed, a bit of questioning in his tone.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Well... They hold an attachment to you, as well." Leki heaved a sigh, and then shook his head, dropping his hands to his sides. There was no point, it seemed. He was still confused, and he still had no real answers, and that bothered him. But something was better than nothing, and something was what he got.

"Though I am sorry I haven't found any good candles yet. Whale bones are easy enough to come by, but learning to carve-" With a laugh he turned back around, shrugging. "That was a bit harder to do."

He went quiet after that, though seemed to realize the truth in the moment. The Outsider was something of a primordial, something people told him to fear. But all he did was draw him in, like a man in the desert to an oasis in the sands, in need of a drink. Everything left him wanting more.

And he wasn't sure why.

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Outsider slowly tilted his head and in the blink of an eye his entire being had fractured and fragmented into shadows and mist, falling to the floor before reforming beside the shrine. His movements were graceful even if they were slower and more contemplative than the average, picking bone up and running his thumb over the carved indentations.

They weren't bad. If he hadn't seen better he might be impressed.

The lengths that Leki had gone for him were admirable at least.

"All of that effort maintained consistently for six years and seventeen days?" he questioned, brows raised questionably. "Even knowing the Abbey could storm through your residence any time they so pleased and find your blasphemous artifacts..."

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Hammie | 126 comments "The Abbey and the Overseers are a bunch of blind, blundering fools trying to reach for something they know nothing of." Had it been six years now? Had Outsider even been keeping track of it all? There was no sure-fire way to tell, but then again, he was a god. SO he probably had. Leki watched him with intent, the words almost offhanded. He was so used to talking with agents, they just slipped from his mouth, blasphemy so familiar to his tongue.

"Either way, I haven't failed yet. Not without help, of course, but I haven't failed yet." Thanks to Outsider. Basically all thanks to Outsider, but also in part to himself. He'd already been smart, he'd already been strong. The Mark just enhanced that, and other traits he'd had buried. Or those he made up with his idea of what he should truly be.

Though when Outsider came to the shrine, something of shame bubbled into his chest. It was fleeting, but it was there. Always he felt he could have done better than he had, always he was soothed by the charms and runes he created or found. But never had he thought of the cause, or the need, or the source. Never did he think of consequence, either. That would have to change.

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Outsider glanced at him and slowly nodded, ".. And you have plans I presume? For the future of this establishment? For the future of your agents?" he continued on, turning the rune onto its back and eying the smooth bone, intricately carved, practically humming with power and unused energy. None of these marked ones knew how to conjure that energy.

None of them truly seemed to know what they were doing.

But he found it amusing to watch them try to organize things they didn't understand.

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Hammie | 126 comments "What do you take me for, Outsider? If I have people under my control, they need to be safe. They need to be prepared. I'm..." He trailed, biting at his lip. He did have plans, he just wasn't yet sure of how to execute them. "Working on it." The best he could offer, under the circumstances.

How could he lead others when he was so unsure of himself?

Was he even fit for this?

He wasn't, was he?

The facade began to crumble away, even if it was simply a small fracture getting larger as The Outsider spoke.

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He listened intently but the expression on his face did not read unimpressed. In fact it hardly read anything at all, besides thoughtful.

"Many men would have died long before you could have ever though to reach this point, with an entire faction backing you, the possibility of the Overseers organizing an attack are low. The Abbey likes to make talk of ridding the world of heretical artifacts and those who use them, but in reality..." he set the rune down and tilted his head as he slipped his fingers over the surface of the shrine, "They are nothing more than a corrupt global monopoly, exploiting the fear of the people in order to get what they want, a parasite slowly sucking the life out of every inch of the Empire. But parasites lack... common sense, they lack the mental capabilities that even the most primitive of beings can maintain. They are... in short, troglodytes, only less entertaining, not as fully functional. They wont come looking for you if they expend more resources trying to find you than what they'd receive in return"

It was his odd, cagey was of saying Leki had done a good job.

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Hammie | 126 comments Leki's brows furrowed in confusion at The Outsider's words. Some of what he'd said had made sense, but others he was still working out, a soft frown coming to his face. But once he did, the expression didn't change. He simply turned away, shrugging a bit before making his way over to his bed.

By no means was it large, and by no means was it lavish, but it was comfortable. The mattress caved slightly under the weight of him as he lay, but that was what had made it comfortable in the first place. "In other words, The Abbey is a fucking joke."

A crude way of describing it, but it was correct. After all, he'd once been there himself. And really what better way was there to know a place than having visited it's most corrupt site? Though his voice held no venom. It was more so monotone, soft as he stared up at the ceiling.

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Outsider's brows rose a bit at the bluntness of his statement, not out of surprise but amusement. The corners of his lips perked up just slightly and his movements still, his hand adorned with silver rings. Both of them in fact.

"Yes. It is now something rather laughable, whereas its origins are no laughing matter at all. Once upon a time they had enough strength and courage to take on the entire empire and every belief system throughout, burning them all out, literally. Now they can hardly manage the small cities they do have prominence within, they're slipping" he explained.

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Hammie | 126 comments "I know about Whitecliff. Almost everyone knows about Whitecliff- At least within the Abbey. But I don't enjoy thinking about when they were in power." Leki didn't notice his change on demeanor, having still been staring up at the things above him, counting cracks and other spots of decay.

Though his ears trained back onto the humming of the whale bone charms and the runes, and so quietly he hummed back. A baritone voice joining the that of the Void, and the mix was sweet-sounding. That, and tinged with power. This was what had calmed him in earlier days, and what calmed him now.

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Outsider listened to the quiet humming, eyebrows raising just a bit more. It was a lovely sound, Leki's voice. He found it difficult not to just let him go on and keep completely quiet. "There wasn't the implication that you didn't know, my dear Lekivian" he replied, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

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Hammie | 126 comments Leki stopped humming for just a minute to reply, and then closed his eyes. "Well I do know. Not sure if that's for better or for worse." Right after, he started again. It was a thrumming thing, the Void's song mixing with his own, and it drew him in. The Void drew everyone in.

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He stared now, eyes fixated on the man humming tunes and notes, and it was then that he realized Lekivian was taller than him. Wider than him, with biceps that were quite clear beneath his shirt and bold features. Why were his marked ones always so... aesthetically appealing? And why this one in particular?

"... It is what you make of it" he turned finally, tearing his gaze away and appearing at the window again, eyes scanning the abandoned streets below, "... Was there reasoning to choosing Karnaca? Surely you aren't here for the spices and wine alone.." he spoke, a quizzical tilt to his head.

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Hammie | 126 comments "I didn't want to mess with Dunwall anymore. I didn't feel safe there- Never did, really. So Karnaca seemed better than it." Leki finally stopped humming entirely, though he was still listening to the bone charms and runes on the shrine. Sometimes it hurt to remember his days in Dunwall, other times... he was just angry.

"And I think to you, it's pretty easy to see why I'd leave. No familial connections, or none that I care for anyways. The Abbey coming at me from left and right... I needed a break. And Karnaca was the break. Is the break, I suppose."

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Outsider glanced at him but did not turn to meet his gaze directly, "Was there something particularly enchanting about Karnaca? Perhaps the waters shimmering pink with their bloodied hues? Was it the loose authority? The warmth? Or perhaps the lack of plague rats, that's certainly an attractive feature, not having the plague that is" he questioned curiously

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Hammie | 126 comments Leki gave a soft chuckle, though it was more a breath than anything. "Outsider, I'm not really sure. It was just the first place I saw on the locations. I'll admit, it helps having the Abbey not really care over here, and of course-" he sat up just a bit, propping his head up on a pillow while trying to catch the other's inky back eyes. "It is the jewel of the south.

Distance, too, had something to do with it. Karnaca was the southern-most tip of the empire, and despite the reputation people gave it in Dunwall, was a lovely place. So it was actually rather easy, considering the perks and possibilities, but he hadn't been thinking about those six years and seventeen days ago. Leki had been thinking about getting away, getting out, going somewhere other than the place that he held such bad blood with.

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"They search for you in Dunwall even still. The missing posters are frayed and tattered, eroding against solid brick walls and street corners. They even went as far as to put a bounty on your head. You must have been rather valuable to them, or perhaps it was the information. You .. /know/ things. Knowledge is power." he explained calmly, tilting his head.

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Hammie | 126 comments "A bounty? How much?" Leki actually gave a laugh, shaking his head. A bounty and missing posters for some odd cadet who'd escaped years ago? Perhaps it was that they'd seen him use the mark. Perhaps it was just that he knew many a thing about the Abbey in Dunwall, as The Outsider presumed. Whatever it was the thought amused him, that even after years of searching that city they hadn't gone to the other isles.

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The Outsider's steps were near silent as he circled over calmly to the other window, mostly trying to distract himself from looking too long at Lekivian. He really was a marvel. "Several thousand coin. Whatever you happened to stumble upon was important, the Abbey has many secrets, some things hidden in plain sight, others buried deep in the vestiges of the deepest archives. You excavated a forbidden tomb. They weren't happy.. to say the least" he replied calmly, voice remaining at the same steady tempo.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Hmm. I could turn myself in and make a pretty penny. Though I'm surprised I was worth that much. I think I might still have the tome, stashed somewhere back in my old Dunwall residence. Maybe I should go back and grab it..." Leki mused to himself very quietly, then shrugged. "Not sure it's worth the added risk, if I'm that high a priority."

With a soft sort of realization, he added, "You're not looking at me."

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"Does that bother you?" he snaked his hand along the sill before letting it settle there, pale against undusted wood, shadows coalescing around his figure, whisping along his curvatures with a subtle rhythm.

"You've never been the one to seek the eyes of those around you... And yet you're so desperate to catch my gaze." he leaned against the wall, eyes landing on Leki, expression unreadable.

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Hammie | 126 comments "It's-" Leki seemed to regret bringing attention to it now, but he didn't look away. That would be cowardly, and defeat the purpose of what exactly he'd asked. "...It's you. It's always different with you, Outsider." How one simple person could make him twist and writhe. Terrifying.

After that he fell silent, and his throat felt dry. The fault in his gaze might have been noticed by what was, in all intensive purposes, a god; but he seemed not to care that much. Vulnerable as he was, he wasn't quite to where he'd break. Not yet.

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"... Nobles sacrifice children in my name, they write hymns, songs about my looks, they scream into the night, begging me to make an appearance, demanding me as an audience, and for what for, I wonder. What could they possibly have that I do not? What could they possibly want from a prisoner to the void?" he stepped forward, shadows stretching with each step, "And what about you, Lekivian? What drives you to call me to your attention?" he questioned.

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Hammie | 126 comments For a minute, Leki was at a loss for words. The Outsider had such a presence that it seemed to fill the room, drown it in darkness and quiet. But he did speak, even if it was soft, confidence lost. "Why did you chose me? Out of all others, out of all people... You chose someone who was meant to hate you. If you don't wish to be here, then I am sorry. I'll stop trying. But I have questions. And you know I want answers."

That was all he gave, and that was all he planned to give. For now, at least.

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Outsider slowly lowered himself onto the bed, sitting there, completely still, "... Factors. All of the odds swayed in your favor that night. I perpetuated fate, it was meant to happen. The mark called out to you, even before it settled along the crook of your neck and the dip of your collarbone, before its powers seeped into your being and embraced you, devouring you completely." he explained, as cryptic and blissfully sensual as per usual.

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Hammie | 126 comments Leki pulled his legs up to better situate the... Well, odd position he'd put himself in. They tucked up to the side of him, causing his hips to rotate away from The Outsider in an almost protective manner. "...I have a feeling you could've explained that better, but no matter. Need I remind you of the manner in which the mark was given. I've asked others. None had an experience like that."

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Outsider didn't look at him any longer, turning his gaze away off into the distance, the clouds overhead, the darkening sky, sun dipping below the horizon. "... The others are not you, each having their own individual experience" he explained. A dodging tactic.

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Hammie | 126 comments "But you never touched them. Even in the void, you were above, looking down at all the little people." Leki's tone was just barely accusatory, but the hostility fell flat. Eyes staying trained on The Outsider, he spoke again, "Why am I so different? What cause the need for a change?"

Each answer simply added more questions onto his plate, it seemed. It was easy to tell how some people got infuriated with this god, how he spoke, his actions taken. But he wasn't- just confused.

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There were a few more moments of passing silence as his fingers teetered over the edge of the bed. It wasn't a very comfortable mattress, but he supposed Leki had never felt the warm embrace of comfort much before. Overseers weren't given many special privileges. ".. There's no point in asking. Why not remain content with what you are, what you've been given? The cards of fate played in your favor, you struck a good hand, you survived. Your experience was unique, perhaps. But that changes nothing. Your incorrigible." he said calmly.

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Hammie | 126 comments "I am far from how you take to describe me. And if you know me, you should also know that I am not one to remain content if there is something urging me on. Currently, that would be you." He seemed to realize how the statement sounded just after he said it, but he did not take it back. Leki Abner took nothing back- And, as others would tell you, gave everything. But he didn't see that. Instead his eyes widened before flickering away, canine teeth sinking into the flesh of his cheek.

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Outsider stared at him suddenly, an intrigued look in his eyes. Beneath those inky black pools there were pupils, dotting over his expression for any indication as to what he might be thinking, "... really now?" he replied with the slightest quirk to his brow.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Is it not obvious to someone who has all the time in the world? I'm amazed." Leki kept his voice low, his eyes away. Slight heat crept into his chest, and he shoved it to the back of his mind, biting down hard enough to taste metallic blood. "Yes." One, simple word, with about a thousand meanings.

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"Having all of the time in the world and knowing everything are not mutually exclusive, nor are they intrinsically interconnected. I'll let you in on a little secret, something most people do not realize. I cannot read minds, I am not omniscient, I am not omnipotent. Only a figure of myth, a story passed from one person to the next over generations. Is that what has your undivided attention these days Lekivian? Fairytales?" he questioned. he replied simply

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Hammie | 126 comments "Well a myth snuck into my cell at night, kissed my collarbone and gifted me with the powers of the Void at the age of 17. Pardon if thoughts of what might have happened pass over my mind like a fogged storm!" His voice rose just a bit in Indignation, and his eyes rounded once again on The Outsider. And again, his words came out wrong and muddied, but he didn't seem to care much for those at the moment. Always betraying him.

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"... And you think of what might have happened often?" he questioned, his expression never changing. His eyes however, they suddenly seemed more intense. Perhaps he just wasn't one to blink often, fixated on the boy in front of him with undivided attention now.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Yes! And they aren't always about that, there's what happened if I died. If you never appeared, or- or-" Then he cut himself off, rather savagely pulling his legs further up to his chest. He didn't like thinking about death, much less his own, but hell if he was switching the subject to what he normally thought about. If he'd gotten to talk with The Outsider on that first night, how different things might have become- Or gone, for that matter.

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"None of those things did happen" he pointed out, wondering what Leki gained in even thinking about all of that nonsense. It seemed silly to him. Then again, humans were silly to him. Quizzical little creatures, self destructive things they were, so eagerly chasing their demise. It was interesting and sometimes a little unbearable to watch.

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Hammie | 126 comments "No, they didn't. But that doesn't stop me from thinking about them. From having regrets, or something of the like." Leki knew the god probably didn't have any of the like to what a human did. It was almost like he felt no emotion, but he knew that to be untrue. He'd shown he at least felt something- if however muted as it was.

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"Why linger then, on things that never did happen? Wallowing in self pity over actions you failed to take, actions you did take. They happened, regardless of what you would have preferred. Dwelling within the past only keeps you from focusing on the future." he replied. He didn't understand the point, he was here now, not then. Then had passed, now was happening.

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Hammie | 126 comments "You being here, asking me what was in the past, is what has me dwelling. I'm assuming you watched during the passage of time, if other people or myself, with all the power you have. Those shackles remind me. Of the past-" 'Of you' he so desperately wanted to tack on behind the statement. But again he cut himself off as he thought better, as it seemed he was doing so often in the others presence. It was infuriating, he was infuriating.

He didn't care.

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He went quiet and eyed the expression on Leki's face, the corner of his lip just faintly tugging upwards, "... You're getting flustered" he pointed out smugly, though without too much of a change in the tone of his face.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Hush." Leki muttered the word, and continued to worry at the flesh he seemed to just remember having in between his teeth. Though the Outsider was far from wrong, and he hated that he was far from wrong.

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"Restrict the Wandering Gaze that looks hither and yonder for some flashing thing that easily catches a man's fancy in one moment, but brings calamity in the next. For the eyes are never tired of seeing, nor are they quick to spot illusion. A man whose gaze is corrupted is like a warped mirror that has traded beauty for ugliness and ugliness for beauty. Instead, fix your eyes to what is edifying and to what is pure, and then you will be able to recognize the profane monuments of the Outsider." he smirked, reciting the stricture with smooth ease of voice, folding his arms and tilting his head expectantly.

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Hammie | 126 comments "Did- Did you just quote the bloody strictures at me?" Leki's eyes gave a slight air of surprise, though he was a bit preoccupied with the current situation of blood in his mouth. It was a tainted tasted, but not as if he cared. The flow would stunt soon enough, if he stopped nibbling at the wound.

He was sure the Outsider wouldn't care for the strictures, and for that matter, anything that The Abbey of the Everyman would have to say.

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