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How does this book reflect dealing with blindness?

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Sheri McGee Thank you to Bernard for review. I would appreciate any words to define what you thought of this work. I struggle daily with the loss of my vision and hope this book can give insight into the things that I encounter.

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Bernard O I am a MD and use your book to help those who have lost their sight or are in the process of losing it. I read parts to those who are blind and recommend to those who can still see to read.

It is a good title and patients respond well to the "once" part.

The world is vast when you lose your sight- Did you say that? My patients jump at that phrase and seem to know that when blind you are forever reaching for the world you cannot see.

Good and well written book, Ms McGee.

Sheri McGee Dr. Bernard, you have touched my heart. I believe in the promise that I will never be in total darkness because of my God's word. I have learned becoming blind was not the end of the world but the beginning of seeing it in a different light. I wrote this book to reach others who needs some reassurance that they too will "see" things differently but that is not always a bad thing,. If I can help by sending you copies of my book to share with your patients, please let me know. God bless.

Bernard O Most of the patients I 'see' are having difficulty with sleep. How do you manage this issue and is it an issue for you?

Sheri McGee Hello again. I sometimes get day and night confused and then have trouble sleeping. I try to stay oriented by making sure to get outside to feel the sun and hear the activities around me.. I try to have a routine that I follow before bedtime to help too such as chamomile tea, soft music and aroma therapy. Hope this helps.

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