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〈 ᴋɪɴɢᴅᴏᴍ ᴏғ ᴇʟᴠɪɴɢᴇʀ 〉
Located in the northern lands, Elvinger is neither a large nor grand kingdom. After the death of its king, the kingdom of Elvinger has been under the rule of his wife, Queen Mirabelle, for the past several years. Mirabelle will remain Elvinger's queen until her eldest son ascends the throne. Elvinger's grand capital city, Salna, is home to the royal palace. The palace, along with guard house and dungeons, are enclosed behind a fortified wall. Beyond the wall is the rest of Salna.

〈 ᴇʟʜᴀᴍᴍ 〉
Elhamm is a small farming village about twenty miles south of Salna. Made up of mostly farming families, the village does have an inn, a lumber mill, and a general store.

〈 ᴡᴏʟғʙᴀɴᴇ ғᴏʀᴇsᴛ 〉
Hardly twelve feet from Elhamm is Wolfbane Forest. Unless they've no other choice, the locals refuse to enter the forest on account of its many dangers. One of those dangers being the witch who has made her home deep within the forest.

〈 ᴋᴇɪᴍᴇ 〉
Some three miles east of Wolfbane Forest is Keime pond. Many of the locals know of Keime, however, there are few who know about the pond's secretive guests: the swan maidens. The waters of Keime are said to be imbibed with magical properties such as healing the sick or injured when drank under the light of a full moon. Whether there is truth in this rumor or not is not really known, as few people have dared to take, much less drink, the pond's water or go near due to the witch's presence. There are many who believe the witch is the pond's guardian and will curse a person if they get too near Keime or do anything to disturb the pond and the life surrounding it.

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The kingdom of Vuldan is found in the Eastern lands, located over 1,000 miles from the Kingdom of Elvinger. This kingdom serves as a strong hold that protects the capital city of Salna and the kingdoms in the North. The main castle is fortified to withstand the oncoming assaults from the kingdom in the South known as Dunchal. The kingdom is ruled by King Torin Caryx and his son Prince Gillian Caryx is the only heir. His wife, Queen Loriane was killed twenty three years ago, a few days after she gave birth to a baby girl. The baby girl was stolen, perished on the same day as her mother. The kindgom is ruled with strict laws and closed off to anyone who isn't already living there. Travelers who wish to enter the kingdom must pass through check points and show their trading pass or papers that they currently have residence within the kingdom. This has caused for the kingdom to fall under a bad reputation. Strict, cruel punishments are rumored to befall on anyone who is an enemy or a suspected enemy of the Caryx family. As well as an reputation that their character in war and combat is lethal and unforgiving. Many don't associate themselves with this kingdom, thus little is known besides the large army that supposedly stays loyal to the capital.

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