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Nimue Corey Roger Zelazny's Amber series is one of a kind. Most of his books take us into the minds and hearts of demigods, but in the Amber series the demigods who shape reality are themselves trying to understand it. And, much more than in his other books, they rage with passions.

The Amber series is surreal and extremely male, but if neither of those attributes are deal-breakers for you, you should perhaps see how you like this all-time classic.

Shido I like Zelazny's use of destiny (unnamed) in his Corwin arc (1st five books of The Great Book of Amber). Amber and its progenitor; The Courts of Chaos, are the source of all realities in this series, focused through a matrix called The Pattern -- and yet -- as the end of the first pattern gets torn apart (ending an age) creatures appear to honor Corwin's final passage! Beautiful.

There is something lyrical about Zelazny's imagination, and that makes his work, especially The Great Book of Amber, special to me.

Years after I first read it, this scene comes to mind:
A dark bird met in the beginning of Chapter Seven in his fifth book The Courts of Chaos; Hugi pesters Corwin about the Absolute as opposed to the refashioning of reality by the princes of Amber. When Corwin finally rejects Hugi's perspective, Corwin's momentary companion lowers his head and says, "I'll see you eat crow first."

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