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Divya Hi!

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Divya So, any ideas?

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) I have a few, but I'd like to hears yours first

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Divya I don't have any great ones, tell me yours.

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) Post yours anyway

It's the year 2056 and a small town girl gets kidnapped, a week later she is found in the school parking lot, unable to speak or do anything.
The cops have been asking her upsetting questions, making her remember her time alone with Him. And that's when the night terror start.
The news has gotten around that she's back, and with it rumours.
The only one who doesn't believe the rumours is the most popular boy in school, when everyone is out thinking up a new lie about her, he is by her side, just talking about things that have been happening. Like Mr Tinkers dog having her puppies and Mrs Aswal having her baby.
After a few weeks, they let her out of the hospital, but she still hasn't said a word to anyone, when she's allowed back in school she finds that she has an odd set of powers, she's able to read people's minds, teleport to other places and move things with her mind, this adds to her trauma and she completely closes in on herself.
The boy is like her, their kind are called Tomorrow People and he's been able to hear her thoughts since he turned sixteen.

We'll go on from there.
I'm ok with Doubles
Sex is ok, just must be done through PM
Detail would be nice, but just don't write a whole page
One liners are alight if you've got nothing else

2.We could do:
Over and Over - Three Days Grace
Never Too Late - Three Days Grace
World So Cold - Three Days Grace
I'll Always Remember you - Entie/Latios
Gotta be Somebody - Nickleback
I'd come for You - Nickleback
Together We'll make a promise - Latios/Latias
If only we learn -
If only tears could bring you back
Save You - Simple plan
This song saved my life - Simple plan
Sound The Bugle - Spirit
Pictures of you - The Last Goodnight

Or, we could also go off of a few game/book ideas
Such as:
Last of Us
Hush, Hush
Shattered Promises
Betrayed: Days of the Rouge
The Deepest Cut
Pushing the Limits
Written in Red

3.In the heart of a small Australian town a girl goes missing... Only to show up
two months later, beaten, bruised, and unable to remember anything about who she was or what happened to her in her time away.
When she's returned to school she is forced into loner ship and depression until the new boy starts trying to reintroduce her back into society...
When suddenly memories of her time alone with him start giving her nightmares, terrible horrible nightmares of a blurry faced man and a dark cabin in the bush.
What will she do when she finds out that her only friends father is the man who kidnapped her?

4.Having a tough childhood, she escapes into her dreams, but lately those dreams have been turning dark, dangerous, deadly. Now she fights too keep herself awake, away sleeps clutches... And Him.
He showed up in her dreams when she was fifteen, always the same smile and the same face and the same eyes. She's been running from him, from her dreams, from her life, and in her depression she's started thinking about killing herself.

That is until he walks right into her life with an easy smile and kind eyes..

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