Alien Alien question

Can you help me figure out this book?
Sasha Sasha Mar 28, 2018 12:27PM
I read this book when I was around 12, so 1997-98? I could be wrong, I read a lot as a youth. The cover had a picture of an blue alien that resembled a horse. There might have been planets in the background, not sure. The store was about the alien needed help fro a group of teenagers to save the universe? I believe the aliens were telepathic and I know they definitely ate through their hoofs. One scene I remember is the alien driving what I think is a mustang and him thinking it was the coolest thing, they didn't have cars I guess where he was from. Other than that I think the bad guy was trying to get something like the Omega 13 device to control the universe? I was going to use this book as my influential book of my youth in a class but...:) any ideas are welcome, thanks!

Sasha, you should post your inquiry here:

The group is very good at digging up and identifying those lost treasures!

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