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message 1: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments Hi, i've been thinking about doing Like a Cosmere tournament ( Like in a soccer world cup)

the idea is that you give me the names of witch characters do you want to participate and that way i will form (randomly) groups, and then, time to time, i'll write who fights against who and you vote who wins.

message 2: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments Do you like the idea? if so, give me names ( dont include oathbringer)

message 3: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments question - what is the criteria for how we judge. Is it who we like best, or who would actually win? Also, do we restrict it to non-POV characters or something or all are game?

message 4: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments I would say all are game. Tough part will be trying to keep things spoiler free since not everyone has read everything.

Also, are certain level characters off limits? Are Shards restricted from the game?

message 5: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Geub | 3 comments my money is on a fully loaded Vin from Hero of Ages. fully realizes her powers and trumps over even Kaladin. she's brutal. he's pensive.
I'm looking at this combat as less soccer and more battle royale. I like the concept though. let's see what you guys come up with.

message 6: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments yeah maybe to many spoiler, aniway, thanks for responding

message 7: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
So, first off, I think this idea is awesome. I totally love it. But~ I definitely don't think they should be judged purely on who would win in a fight, which seems to be how things are going??? Can't tell. There are just so many more parts of a character that are equally important; backstory, relationships with other characters, relatability, realisticity, role, importance, etc. Also, yeah; there shouldn't be any characters that are introduced in Oathbringer. In Cosmere, spoilers are a very real and dangerous thing.

If you're doing a bracket, @Matias, then I'd go with 8 characters on each side~ the cosmere certainly has a wide enough cast of characters to fill that. And when you're making it, I'd put characters from the same books(or even worlds) on opposite sides of the brackets- don't put Kelsier, Vin and Elend all right next to each other, for example. Also, how do you plan to send it all out? Are you going to make, like, a Google Doc with the bracket and then post a link in this thread? How will voting work?

I love your idea! Please let me know if there's any way I can help make it happen!

message 8: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments I agree with Noah. While a bracket for purely who would win would be interesting, I think how much you like the character would be interesting.

A few characters I would throw into the mix are:

Kaladin, Vin, Kelsier, Dalinar, Szeth, Raodan, Vasher, Wax/Wayne etc
But I also like the idea of including some of the "less" limelight characters (fans of Steelheart see what I did there?)

Kenton (whitesand - not sure if this is offlimits or not)
Khrissalla (even if whitesand is offlimits, she may not be)
Sixth of Dusk (uh... sixth of dusk)
Silence Montane (Shadows for Silence)
Lopen (Stormlight - I mean you have to include the lopen)
Galladon (Elantris)
Steris (Wax/Wayne)
TenSoon (Mistborn)
Adolin (Stormlight)
Szeth (Stormlight)
Denth (warbreaker)
Lift (stormlight)
Shai (Emp. Soul)
Marsh (Mistborn)

Also, not sure what to do about Sazed... or even Susebron (with tongue) and the lord ruler; but if it isn't based on battle royale then I don't think they would skew things too much.
And some like Shallan have grown on me, but I still feel kinda meh about her.

message 9: by Noah (last edited Mar 29, 2018 09:48AM) (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
And I, in turn, agree with Michael :P
We might have to expand the bracket to 16-16! I definitely agree with having characters from Steelheart, Alcatraz, Rithmatist. There's certainly enough characters for a 16-16 bracket... but we can discuss that part later. More importantly, Matias, how do you plan to do all this? Please message me if I can help! But we need to decide characters first before we start that.
A battle royale format just won't work. There's too many powerful characters. I seriously think it will work better and be more fun based on the character as a character- see my last comment.

message 10: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments I can see where a Battle Royale would skew to the more offensively powered characters, so characters like Breeze wouldn't stand a chance.

If this is Run in more of a "total character vs total character" (plot, growth, relationships, works well in a team, powers, insights, etc) and voting that way, and then build/write-up a Battle Royale scenario where Breeze could beat Lord Ruler, I'd be interested in that.

And I throw my hat in the ring to help out for any writeups. I can't quite write a novel but sure can makeup a fight scene

message 11: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
Eugienio- I love the idea of writeups before each battle, to set the stage. That would be so cool.
For everything else- I still think we should definitely not just focus on battle prowess~ we should judge our vote on how good of a character they are overall- just "who's the best Sanderson character." Of course, their battle ability will be a big part of that(coolness factor)! But there's just too many power gaps in the Cosmere, what with all the different levels of Investiture- and then if we delved out of the Cosmere into Reckoners & Alcatraz or Rithmatist... battle strength just doesn't work.

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments I'd love to read that Eugenio - I hadn't even considered that aspect of things. Maybe a just the final four or something should have a story. Or perhaps blurbs for each character. Regardless, that piece of the planning probably comes later.

message 13: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments Don't want to sidetrack from Mathias' main idea for the tournament, but yeah a writeup would have to come after voting.

We would also have to decide on a neutral ground for the competitors to "duel", one that would allow for all abilities and characters to work well. Example: For Mistborn characters, metals on the field should be a given, or have a pocket with some ball bearings to work with. For Emotional Allomancers, they would need "innocents" or a crowd they can push or pull on, to affect the battle.

Having characters from similar worlds/abilities on different sides of the bracket (I think Micheal brought it up first) would also add for elements of surprise, since most characters aren't WorldHoppers. The surprise element gives some Steelheart characters an advantage since they deal with a more diverse ability range, which could make for quicker reaction time.

So yeah, once it's decided if this will be a Sanderson or a Cosmere tournament, then we should start naming characters to take part.

I would vote on having Marsh in the tournament

message 14: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments old iron eyes is a must!

I actually think Cosmere centric is meaty enough.

message 15: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments also - any thoughts regarding Hoid?

message 16: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments Hoid would be allowed. Now... really depends on who he goes up against. It isn't fully a power vs power battle, will come down to character vs character.

Hoid is still very much a mystery, while other characters have more solid arcs. Can come down to some solid arguments either way

message 17: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments excellent point Eugenio. I happen to love Hoid (as I'm sure most of us do) but do I love him MORE than someone else...

message 18: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
Hoid.... wow. I didn't think about him. Honestly, I don't.... I think it would be more entertaining without him, just because if we do put him in, he's DEFINITELY going to win overall. No contest. So, maybe we can just have him come in at the very end versus the winner? instead of him going up and progressing through the bracket, taking out a whole bunch of poor side characters who otherwise might have done a lot better, we can just have Hoid go up against whoever wins at the very end when the actual bracket is done?

message 19: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments well I thought that too Noah - but this isn't based on fighting ability

message 20: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments Whoever said Hoid can even fight? He might not even know how to throw a punch!


message 21: by Noah (last edited Mar 29, 2018 08:07PM) (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
Have you read Mistborn: Secret History? (view spoiler) and not even fighting ability, he's just too freaking cool...

message 22: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments wow, this was way more complicated than i expected

message 23: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments Well Matias - we may be overcomplicating it. Bottom line, if you want to throw a tournament together we will gladly vote

message 24: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments Matias, again sorry for blowing this topic up, but if anything you have at least 3 people devoted to making a tournament work. Noah and I are working on setting up possible survey/polls to run the voting for the round of 16, but will have to test it out so people don't have to sign up.

Maybe we should extend the voting to the 17th shard site as well. Will blow up the voting

message 25: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
I'd be cool with having the rest of 17s. We can post the link on the 17s discord and under General Brandon

message 26: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments i didn´t know about the 17s discord, i just search it and its pretty cool

message 27: by Noah (last edited Mar 30, 2018 05:05PM) (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
The discord is great for a more steady flow of Sanderson discussion, but the 17th shard forums are much better suiter for theorizing, roleplays, artwork, etc. What's your discord/17s username? I'm PrinceDusty

message 28: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments Matias

message 29: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
Found you :P Anyone else have a 17s account? We ought to start a Goodreads message chain on 17s

message 30: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments so where are we with this now?

message 31: by Noah (last edited Apr 04, 2018 09:45AM) (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
So, as Windrunner and Eugenio know, I successfully tested the voting gauntlet site Challonge(If either of you two check it now, I posted the results for the first round and you can now vote for the second(but that doesn't matter because we need to make a new one with everyone anyway)(Update: and I just reset it too)). So, the final step is everyone who wants to participate needs to post a list of all the characters they want added. Try not to repeat characters if someone else has already posted them, and don't share a new character if you don't plan on (probably) voting for them. Here's a list of who we already have:
1Kaladin 2Elend 3Wax 4MeLaan 5Dockson 6Marasi 7Wayne 8Adolin 9Dalinar 10Szeth 11Kelsier 12Vin 13Sazed 14Marsh 15Shallan 16Kenton 17Siri 18Hamm 19Clubs 20Zane 21Lopen 22Khrissalla 23Sixth of the Dusk 24Silence Montane 25Galladon 26Raoden 27Vasher 28Lift 29Vivenna 30TenSoon 31Lightsong
Please excuse how messy it is, I had to copy/paste it all in.

message 32: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments tell us when are you going to do the tournament pls

message 33: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments Matias, we will probably start a new thread with the Tournament once we decide on which characters to add.

If Hoid isn't in the list, he should be in there too. And Breeze too, cause we can't do away with the sassy spinster.

I'll think of any others

message 34: by Noah (last edited Apr 04, 2018 08:33AM) (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
I'm going to try and see if I can post this tournament under the Events section, with a link to the Challonge bracket. For now, though, everyone just needs to put in any character they think is worthy to compete. I will also share a link to the bracket on the 17th Shard and the 17th Shard Discord once it has been created and opened. As for a when... No specific date. If we think everyone has put in their opinion by Friday, though, I'll start it then. Saturday at the latest for Round 1(Friendly Encounter)

message 35: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments The one requirement will be that people will need to set up a free account on the Challonge site.

Come on people, throw in the characters you want to vote for!

message 36: by Noah (last edited Apr 04, 2018 10:14AM) (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
-Looking back, I think everything is pretty much done- I've got a standard bracket of 32 contestants(16 matches) set up, and it's got the major characters(plus Hoid) from every Cosmere book. Only characters I'm even considering adding are Susebron and the Lord Ruler, but adding them would completely throw off a bracket... I could make it work by having characters like Hoid come in later, just jumping in on round 2 or three. Matias, this was your idea- what do you think? What else needs to be done? Because honestly I could launch it in 4 1/2 hours and I think everything would go well.
-The one thing we haven't discussed is the writeups- Eugenio, those were your idea, how did you plan going about doing those? I can help with whatever you want me to for that. I already wrote a quick writeup for Vin vs. Lift out of boredom :)
-And finally, here is the link. The tournament is not live, and you cannot vote yet, but after creating an account you can talk in the Discussion section:

message 37: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments i think its great, thanks

message 38: by Eugenio (new)

Eugenio | 31 comments Regarding writeups, I wouldn't be able to cover any of the Mistborn Era 2 characters as I haven't read any of those stories yet.

I was thinking something short early (until we get to the top 8) written up after each battle, but we can decide if that is enough.

If you want a writeup before each battle, to set the stage and setting of each battle, that would then need to be linked to the Challonge site somehow. I'm open to either direction we take

message 39: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments So... No need to add Susebron and LR necessarily, but if the criteria is overall reader preference then I see no issue adding them. If it is fighting wise, then yeah we may have issues.

message 40: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments putting wax and wayne together is evil - not saying to change it though

message 41: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
Writeups could maybe be posted in the Discussion tab? I'm cool with adding two or three characters, it means less poor side characters for Hoid to knock out

message 42: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments i think that the scenario thing would be a little to complicated to do

pd: Wax vs Wayne, great fight

message 43: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments Also Miles dagouther could be in the list

message 44: by Ece (new)

Ece (ecetorun) | 16 comments This is the evilest thing i have ever seen. I am into it.

message 45: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments Ece wrote: "This is the evilest thing i have ever seen. I am into it."

ha ha - very nicely said

message 46: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
Same- my heart is going to break multiple times; choosing between these characters is going to be a nightmare

message 47: by Ece (new)

Ece (ecetorun) | 16 comments Let’s admit we are all sick twisted people. But that’s why we are so awesome. Honestly most of the choices i am really sure about my answer but wax and wayne???!!! Come on now why would you do that!

message 48: by Matias (new)

Matias Ramon | 34 comments okey, question, this tourney is about a fight or about who is our favorite character?

message 49: by Noah (new)

Noah (princedusty) | 95 comments Mod
Favorite overall character. But, of course, you can take battle prowess into account for some extra awesomeness points :)

message 50: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments Noah - we do you project go live?

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