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The TV Adaptation (airing April 2018)

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Adam Whitehead In case fans of this book were unaware, the BBC has produced a 4-part mini-series based on the book. It starts airing on BBC2 on 6 April. I've already seen the first episode at a special premiere event and it was excellent. Hoping the rest can live up to the same standards.

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Jez Thanks! I knew this was coming but only by chance did I see your post. Otherwise I would have missed it. Read and loved the book so been very excited about this.

Thanks again :-)

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Adam Whitehead If you're in the UK, you can watch all 4 episodes right now:

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WOH REALLY? THAT IS AMAZING Thanks so much for sharing this :D

Chris Whybrow I watched all four episodes today and I have to be honest, I hate the series. It just feels like an overly cliched British police procedural, and it's painfully obvious the whole thing was filmed in Britain. There's no trace of any of the imaginative world building of the book.

Jamie Killen I feel like there were some things this show did so well, and some things that were so baffling. The look of the cities was great, the worn-down grime of Beszel and the shininess of Ul Qoma really matching the book. I also liked the choice to make Dhatt a woman since that brought some balance. But, Jesus Tapdancing Christ, does the crime procedural genre really need ANOTHER tortured rogue haunted by the death/disappearance/mangling of his wife? The fact that Borlu didn't have that cliched backstory was one of the more refreshing aspects of the book. Plus the decision to take a quietly competent character like Corwi and make her the equally cliched hothead rookie figure brought nothing to the table. It was almost as if the producers didn't trust the audience to be interested in watching calm, well-adjusted people doing their job well.

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Chris Whybrow My favourite bit is how every time Borlu catches a glimpse of the other city he screws up his eyes as it triggers the exact same effect as a vampire from Skyrim going outside in the sunlight.

Just joking. It was really annoying.

I think the decision to expand on Borlu's backstory was a good one in theory, but choosing the laziest, most cliched route imaginable ruins the story by making the killer's identity really obvious. Speaking of which, the ending was painfully weak.

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