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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA fiction book about teen girl who escapes prison, befriends rich engaged girl, and assumes her identity [s]

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Madeline Brainard | 2 comments I remember most of the plot of the book, but can't find it in a google search!
It starts with a teen girl in prison for murdering her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend. She befriends another convict. She escapes by throwing the bologna from her lunch under the fence and letting the guard dog dig a hole. It takes a long time. The warden doesn't like her. She befriends a rich girl. The friend is engaged to a drummer and doesn't want to be shipped off to private school. They agree to exchange identities (rich girl not knowing the other is a murderer). Rich girl dyes her hair brown, prison girl dyes her hair blonde and gets blue contacts. Then prison girl murders rich girl, dumps her in the lake by the prison with prison girl's locket that was really special to her for identification. She frees her convict friend who turns on her and tries to murder her. She is still alive with evil friend leaves and she grabs her important documents and money (which she hid in the glove box like her dad taught her) and she goes to the private school the other didn't want to attend. She assumes rich girl's identity. She mails the rich girl's engagement rig back to the drummer saying she was breaking it off.

The book is part of a series.

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Madeline Brainard | 2 comments Andria wrote: "Privilege?"
YES!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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You're welcome! I'll move this to Solved for you.

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