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Exes and Goals (Slapshot #1)
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BUDDY READ: Contemporary/Romance > Exes and Goals: A Slapshot Novel (Slapshot #1) by Heather C. Myers - Starting April 4th 2018

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Sarah Elizabeth (bookworm_sarah) | 83075 comments Mod
Most people have no regrets. She has one.

Harper Crawford is a big fan of the Newport Beach Seagulls, despite their abysmal previous season. It's been a year since Ken Brown's murder and Seraphina Hanson, Ken's youngest granddaughter, just survived her first year as the new owner and manager of the national hockey team. Barely. The last year was dismal to the point where Seraphina is making drastic changes. Like hiring Harper as their official blogger. Harper gets to travel with the team, write character pieces, critiques, game summaries, and the like. It's her dream job.

Another change? Putting together practically a new team, including Zachary Ryan, first line center. At six foot four and two hundred and twenty pounds, he is tall, dark blond, and solid muscle. He's arrogant and direct and the minute he sees Harper at Taboo nightclub during a team bonding session dressed in a plaid shirt and converse sneakers, he has to get to know her better.

Except there's a problem from her past that won't go away. Harper has an ex that won't stay in her past - where he belongs. He starts showing up at her place, reminding her of all the wrong choices she made, bringing up things she wants nothing more than to forget. When Zachary gets involved, things get heated and his notorious temper flares.

Harper doesn't want to get involved with a hockey player - especially with an overzealous ex who won't leave her alone - but Zachary plans to change her mind. No matter what the cost.

Leah | 2060 comments Chapters 1-7:
Not much has happened yet. It was mostly getting introduced to the characters. I hope it doesn't take too long to find out (view spoiler) I think it will be near the end before either is answered. So far both have only been mentioned but no details have been given. The was (view spoiler). That was interesting, but I was hoping for more action.

Leah | 2060 comments Chapters 8-13:
Another (view spoiler), but this had less detail, which was disappointing. Although, this is a romance, so I shouldn't be surprised. Now there have been (view spoiler) I hadn't thought about what had happened to her parents, but it was nice to find out, but I felt bad about it. I didn't expect (view spoiler).

Leah | 2060 comments Chapters 14-19:
Things have gotten serious. (view spoiler) (view spoiler) (view spoiler)

Leah | 2060 comments Chapters 20-25:
I'm glad that there is a happy ending. Although, I was hoping for more hockey. I'm glad that (view spoiler). I'm also glad that (view spoiler)

Jennifer | 3551 comments Ch 6 - (view spoiler)

Ch 15 - (view spoiler)

Ch 22- (view spoiler)

Gillian Murrell | 3704 comments Leah wrote: "Chapters 1-7:
Not much has happened yet. It was mostly getting introduced to the characters. I hope it doesn't take too long to find out [spoilers removed] I think it will be near the end before ei..."

(view spoiler)

Gillian Murrell | 3704 comments Chapter 8-13 I was expecting a lot more on the sport so far its really about the romance.

Gillian Murrell | 3704 comments Chapters 14-19 (view spoiler)

Gillian Murrell | 3704 comments Finished: (view spoiler)

Jennifer | 3551 comments Finished: (view spoiler)

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