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The Maze Runner (The Maze Runner, #1)
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Brandon Book Nerd (bwm721) | 83 comments Mod
Did you like it? How would you rate it?

Arwen loved the series. its amazing and i like how it isn't predictable in the small details. i am really looking forward to the movie as well

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I think it was definitely a 5 star book. My favorite book in the series was the 1st book. I thought that the Scorch Trials and the Death Cure was hilarious as they all were. I'm really excited for the movie to come out!

Allison Janezic (allilj) | 8 comments Yes. It's one of my favorites. I'm reading The Kill Order now.

Sophie | 1 comments I love the maze runner series!! On every page something happens and it's full of plottwists! And the maze runner fandom is the nicest and funniest fandom I'm in! (And I'm in a lot...)

Hannah (hannahsmanyhobbies) First one was good, haven't read the rest yet.

Kindra Erickson | 7 comments I truly didn't care for the series, but I liked that is wasn't very predictable. There were ALOT of twist and turns you didn't see coming! I feel that movies can better portray all the action because your watching it instead of reading so I will DEFINITELY go see the movie:)

Lauren Stoolfire The movie made the most of the source material. I can actually say I liked it more than the book. :) I didn't really care for the series beyond the first installment.

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tiya (atiyyvhhafeji) | 12 comments MAZEEEEEEERRRRRRUUUUUNNNNNEEERRR

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