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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((Do you want to start it?))

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(u know it lol)

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leon and drew stopped by a tree at the base of the hill panting and drew looked at leon and said "dude, not gonna lie im freakin out" leon pulled drew into a rough embrace and shoved him towards the hill and said "go! ill be right behind you" as they ran, they made it halfway up before leon saw arrows flying towards drew and jumped in the way getting hit in the shoulder cluching it as he ran, out of nowhere a black dog clawed a super deep gash down his back, making leon scream and collapse unconciouss from the pain, drew doubled back and blasted fire at the creature as it jumped at him and stared at his hand in amasement making it up the hill drew got hit in the back in collasped from the arrow

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Alicia was taking a walk, trying to get away from her sisters. As she crested the hill she heard growling and an ear-piercing scream followed by a shout in a different voice. She ran toward the sound and gasped when she saw two boys, one blasting a hellhound with fire and the other unconscious on the ground. Immediately she pulled one of her diamond knives out of her sleeve and threw it into the huge dog's chest, turning it to dust. After scanning the area for more monsters, she looked at the boy on the ground. "What happened?" she yelled to the younger boy.

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drew turned to look at her and saw the look of horror on her face when she saw the arrows sprouting from his right shoulder, his body went to crisis mode as he collapsed saying "i... did it... now..... i can...... finally..... relax" and went unconcious

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments Alicia ran over to him and checked to make sure he was still breathing and had a pulse. After checking both him and the other boy she ran to get some nectar, ambrosia, and bandages from the infirmary before running back to the two unmoving forms. She went to the boy who had the arrows in his shoulder and carefully pulled them out, glad he was unconscious. She wrapped the wound and opened his mouth so she could pour some of the nectar down his throat. When she was sure he had swallowed some she moved on to the older boy. He looked about her age. It was amazing, what he had done for the other boy, pushing him forward into safety. Not many people had that kind of selflessness. She wrapped the wounds on his back and chest as best she could and repeated what she had done with the nectar on the other boy. Then, she sat back and watched them, hoping that they would wake up.

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as someone pulled the arrows out of leons back he woke up momentarily screaming in pain making a geyser shoot forth five feet away and lasped back into unconciousness as drew groaned and woke up "ugh i feel like shit... wait where am i?"

Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments "You're in the outskirts of Camp Half-Blood," she got up and walked over to him, "you should watch your mouth, some people might take offense here." After helping him to sit up she pulled out a square of ambrosia, "here, eat this it will make you feel better I promise."

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drew ate it cautiously and said "camp half blood? and sorry by the way, im dj this is my older brother leon who are you?" he said as leon started to mutter in his sleep and woke up with a start looking around wildly "who are you? where am i? how did i get here?"

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments "Hey, hey calm down, its ok. You're safe here none of the monsters can get past that tree over there. I'm Alicia, you are in Camp Half-Blood. It's a camp for demigods like you two." She went to help Leon stand up since he seemed to be struggling, "here, you can lean on me. We'll go to the infirmary so you can be checked out in case I missed anything. Here, eat this," she handed him the other square of ambrosia, "come on, let's go."

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leon met her eyes and began to relax looking at her now he saw she was beautiful beyond comparison as he got up he stumbled from the old wound in his knee almost falling over

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(u there elise?)

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((sorry I had to get off for english))

Alicia grunted as he fell toward her and she caught him. His eyes were glazed over, momentarily rolling back in his head. "Nonono stay with me for a little but longer we have to get you to the infirmary and I can't do it alone." She turned to the other boy, had he said his name was DJ? He seemed to be in a better condition than his brother so she let him get up by himself. "Are you able to walk?" she called to him as he swayed on his feet. "If not I can come back for you, you'll be fine if you just wait."

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dj got up and stumbled a little but was finally able to walk around without help and he smirked as he saw her blush when she felt his brothers bulging muscles under his shirt "yeah i think im good"

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cosmic (erosful) | 721 comments Mod

((do y'all mind if i jump in with saffron when you move to the infirmary? i wanted to have a chance to use her...))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((yeah absolutely cosmic as long as its ok with Leon))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((wow ok then Leon lol))
Alicia felt the heat rising in her cheeks as she saw DJ's smirk, why was he looking at her like that? As she turned back to Leon, she saw why. He was very handsome and no doubt DJ thought she was infatuated with him. She rolled her eyes, "follow me then," she said. They worked their way over the hill and slowly went toward the infirmary.
((lets move to one of the infirmaries and if they are all being used I will make a new one))

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cosmic (erosful) | 721 comments Mod

((yeah, there needs to be a new one))

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Arya Dröttningu | 1748 comments ((we will be in infirmary 3.0 leon its your turn to go so whenever you are ready))

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Dj hoisted leon up on one side while his other side and tigether they headed to the infirmary

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