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How many books at once?

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message 1: by Ben (new)

Ben Chapman | 3 comments Friends, are you a “one book at a time” or “multiple books at once” type of reader? And why?

message 2: by Mason (new)

Mason | 11 comments Multiple books for sure. Typically, 3 or 4 at a time.

message 3: by Ben (new)

Ben Chapman | 3 comments Any particular reason?

message 4: by David (new)

David Mclemore (davidmmclemore) | 2 comments I read a lot at a time. Usually about 5 or 6 at a time. All genres. Helps sustain reading when one book gets old or is too heady it too light or whatever. Variety helps.

message 5: by Mason (new)

Mason | 11 comments Yup, I am generally going with the same reason as David. I always had a hard time finishing a book when I would read just one, but doing multiple at a time whether different genres or not helps me get through them all. School reading really showed me that.

message 6: by David (new)

David Mclemore (davidmmclemore) | 2 comments Also, audiobooks help too. I listen to a lot when I'm driving or doing something mindless around the house. Usually listening is reserved for biography, history, or fiction.

message 7: by Mason (new)

Mason | 11 comments Love audiobooks! Used to hate those too but they were a lifesaver with school this past year.

message 8: by Ben (new)

Ben Chapman | 3 comments That’s good input, fellas. I tend to agree with both of you. I just wonder sometimes if having too many going at once hinders my focus or what I’m able to get out of one book or another. I feel like we’re already so distracted, living the way we do, to not be able to slow down a little somewhere is near madness. Perhaps I’m thinking way too much about it?

message 9: by Mason (new)

Mason | 11 comments I think you should shape it the way you feel beat fits you. Perhaps try doing one at a time and see if your thoughts are as you believe. You may be right, but for me, I am not so sure.

message 10: by Chase (new)

Chase Tremaine (oursbyaccident) | 1 comments Ben wrote: "Friends, are you a “one book at a time” or “multiple books at once” type of reader? And why?"

About a thousand books at a time, sadly. 2% of the books actually get finished.

message 11: by Ansley Kynes (new)

Ansley Kynes | 1 comments I always had several books on my nightstand at one time. I guess I’m sort of a “moody” reader in that sometimes I want to learn something, sometimes I want to be drawn into a great story, and sometimes I just want to be entertained and laugh. I find that having something from different genres to choose from helps me with that.

message 12: by Mason (new)

Mason | 11 comments I feel the same way. This is part of the reason I started picking up reading comics. One because I am a bit nerdy and they interest me, but also because I really think it helps balance and encourage not being overloaded with heavier information all the time.

message 13: by Casey (new)

Casey (chchatham) | 1 comments Used to be one, now multiple, because I married Brett! :) My awareness of books I want to read is ever expanding knowing him and I have to read more than one at a time to feel like I am getting to even a tiny percentage of what I want to read.

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