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genevieve (likeshesaid) | 5 comments Mod
Hey guys
March is almost to a close so I wanted to go ahead and post some questions that Celeste Ng (the author) created for book clubs to discuss! I will post a few each day. Looking forward to hearing how everyone liked the book <3

1. Shaker Heights is almost another character in the novel. Do you believe that “the best communities are planned”? Why or why not?

2.There are many different kinds of mother-daughter relationships in the novel. Which ones did you find most compelling? Do mothers have a unique ability to spark fires, for good and ill, in us?

3.Which of the Richardson children is most changed by the events of the novel? How do you think this time ultimately changes Lexie’s life? Trip’s? Moody’s? Izzy’s

Kelly Redmon | 1 comments Hey G! Thanks for posting these! I’ve read through each question at least 5xs! I’m not sure which one I want to answer... (also a disclaimer I am using text to speech so excuse errors!)
ultimately I have to go for #3... which child was impacted/ changed the most.. 1st I like this question because I really enjoyed all of the different personalities of each of the characters in the book. Especially the children/teens. They all brought something different to the table. I have to say that my favorite character of the of the 4 children was Izzy. For me, she was the most mysterious passionate and in my eyes was a very powerful character that I felt the author maybe didn’t utilize as much as she could have (maybe that’s a sequel, haha). There was a side to her that no one understood, she was always the black sheep of the family and the black sheep of the community. She saw things through a different perspective than that of the shaker community. She was intellectually curious, bold, and my favorite part was that she didn’t have a filter for what she said, which made the shaker community very uncomfortable in her presence.
When Mia and Pearl Became fixtures in the Richardsons household I truly believe that Izzy was the most impacted. In Mia she found someone to listen to her and who provided her with something that her family, friends, and community could never give her. It was through that friendship, and the way that Mia showed her love that she Was able to genuinely find who she was. (Again I think this could have been elaborated ).
Of course the other siblings also went through other life situations that changed them, made them a little older, and see the world from a different point of view. Perhaps for the first time their own point of view.

I’m really interested to see what others think 😊

vegansophie  | 3 comments #2
I actually think I found the relationship between Mia and Izzy the most compelling (don’t know if that counts for this question!). I loved the way Izzy found so much comfort in and inspiration from Mia, and it also warmed my heart how open and loving Mia was to Izzy. I just thought it was such a special relationship and I really liked that aspect of the book.

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