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GoofyWalrus854 To Kill a Kingdom

Alexandra Christo

I can't accept that this book is a standalone. I feel like the world that Christo created has so much potential! With all the kingdoms that she didn't get to explore in the book it has left me wanting so much more.

How amazing would it be if she focused another book on one of the other kingdoms? It could even be a love story including prince Elian's Sister!

Just putting my thoughts out there! If you can't tell... I loved this book!

BlueSkyReader_o7 I just finished this and I FEEL THE SAME WAY.

I would love to visit all the kingdoms, maybe Lira and Elian go on a honeymoon or something..XD just a thought.

Maybe it wouldn't be with Lira and Elian at all,



(btw I hope I'm spelling the names right..srry if I'm not XD)

GoofyWalrus854 I know! It would be amazing...Especially Madrid's story!

I also reckon it would be interesting to know how Lira's mother became so horrible. She couldn't have always been that cruel! Maybe there is some secret love story behind it and she lost her true love and had to have an arranged union with Lira's father which is why there was never a maternal connection between them. And losing her love turned her bitter and evil!

BlueSkyReader_o7 YAS

It could have been a lover, or her sister. I mean, she let her own daughter kill her sister. Like WHAT? So maybe she has a grudge on her sister or something. ?

GoofyWalrus854 Ooo maybe her sister stole the love of her life!!

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