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HELP!! Can’t find a book on Wattpad!
Aya Aya Mar 28, 2018 12:53AM
A little trigger warning I think!

So I read this book on Wattpad a few months back, and I archived it so I could read it again from how good it was. There’s a book similar to it called my brothers best friend, but that’s not it.
It talks about a girl who comes back from rehab for about a year and everything is fine but apparently at the end of the book she has been misdiagnosed with body dysmorphia instead of bulimia/anorexia. She has a twin brother and two best friends and ones named Mackenzie. I recall the first chapter of the book starts with her spilling coffee on the boy who later on becomes her savior or lover, and the last chapter has the same scene when they reunite again after ten y ars since he broke up with her in order for her to get treatment. She was also a ballerina and becomes a Choreographer at the end of the book. She starts falling back into her old ways into the middle of the book and she doesn’t tell anyone and keeps telling them she’s clean when shshe s been taking appetite suppressants and throwing up. When her family and friends find out, their furious, but her lover knows about her doing so. He also has a little sister who meets up with her on the same last chapter ten years later. She recognizes her but wasn’t sure who it was. Finally I remember the book ending with the girl saying something along the lines of “ I can’t remember the last time I was in love. Oh wait, it was a good ten years ago” in that case she was referring to her ex lover who left her so she get treatment since her body dysmorphia was caused by boys bullying her when she was very young and her therapist told her that boys triggered her old ways to come back so she had to stop dating and that’s why he left her. IF ANYONE READ THIS BOOK OR KNOWS ANYONE WHO READ IT TELL ME SINCE THIS BOOK IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING AND IVEBERN LOOKING FOR IT FOR ALMSOT A MONTH AND A HALF IF BOT MORE SO PLSSSSSSS!!

You'll probably have better chances of having it identified if you post in Wattpad readers groups: https://www.goodreads.com/group/searc... or the "What's The Name of That Book???" group: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/... (if you're still searching).

This one won't get much views as it's entry about some wattpad book where the record creator didn't bother to list author or title.

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