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message 1: by Neika (new)

Neika Seibold | 7 comments Just found out this is free for me on Kindle!!

message 2: by Maryalene (new)

Maryalene | 10 comments So what did you think of it Neika? I thought it was a good introduction to minimalism, but it probably wasn't the best book for me on the subject.

message 3: by Neika (new)

Neika Seibold | 7 comments Me too. Maybe I thought I don’t have to over-moralize throwing out clutter. Haha!! I like the Idea that it creates peace to get organized. I do think I’ve gotten more intentional about brininging things INTO the house. But I think that might be more a result of getting (and for once in my life) sticking to a budget!!

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