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Authors Seeking FREE Betas > Contemporary YA: 57,000 word count. A warning: it deals with sensitive topics and can get dark at times.

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Goodness Nwankpa (goodnessnwankpa) | 43 comments Blurb:

Fourteen year old Alina thought that above all, she could trust Gaten. He’s been her rock since tragedy befell her three long years ago. But one day, she finds a letter; a letter is all it takes for Alina’s world to once again dismantle before her eyes. And suddenly, she’s thrown into doubt about the one individual she believed that she could rely on. In a desperate bid for answers, Alina decides to take matters into her own hands. The life altering consequences are ones that she did not anticipate.

Hello everyone, I have several areas of concern for this story:

1) Were you able to sympathize with the main character? If not, why do you believe that is?

2) Are there places where you felt the story really lagged?

3) Do you feel there's anything missing from the story? Did it leave you satisfied once you finished reading, or were there unanswered questions?

4) Do you think the story needs another high action moment towards the ending, or is the calmness okay?

5) Did it live up to your expectations after reading the blurb? Or is the blurb weak?

6) Is there any formatting (or errors) that’s jarring?

I have a PDF of four sample chapters if you need test chapters.

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Macasha Jackson | 14 comments Hello

I would love to beta read for you . Msg me whenever you can

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