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Into the wilderness

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message 1: by Moni (new)

Moni (moni-lv) | 2 comments I just joined and wanted to say hi and lick some outlandish brains. It is so hard finding things to read while l try to wait for Bees. I am reading into the wilderness now and wondering if Nathaniel and Sarah were mentioned in the Outlander books. I didnt know about the connection when I started reading the book.
The mention of Ian, works with her hands, the white witch and the red headed Scott made my Outlander addiction stir and I am afraid we will not see Bees this year eirher. DG has been busy. I can wait....as long as she can get through all 10 books before Stars catches up. I dont want those producers taking over the story like the Game of Thrones producers took over the GOT story. While HBO GOT works for me I like DG,s Outlander better than the Stars series.
Is any one reading DG's excerpts from the new book. I have not looked because i dont want to spoil the book. But i am starting to think Imight peak. Is it worth it or is it too much of a spoiler?

message 2: by Moni (new)

Moni (moni-lv) | 2 comments Ugh auto correct...pick brains not lick brains lol!!!!

message 3: by Devorah (new)

Devorah | 3 comments Hi Moni. There isn’t much traffic in this group. If you want to talk anything OL until the Bees come out... check out the private group in FB “Outlander Book Snobs”

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