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message 1: by Alecksander (new)

Alecksander Patton (MyNameIsAlecks) | 101 comments Plot:
I had a semi-detailed idea about a desert like village, and a terrifying void that lives below it. Basically, Muse A would be from the village, doing what he can to support his family. While Muse B would be a creature from the void below, who attacks with a squad of other creatures in order to steal children to either feast on, or use their bodies as ways to develop different types of void weapons. The catch, would be that Muse B also used to live in that village, but was taken as a child and spared by the creatures.

Either way, when he sees the way Muse A defends his family, something inside of him awakens and he realizes that he wasn't born to the Void, but dragged there. So he helps Muse A fend off the other creatures and from there on, takes him on the run across the desert because he'd disobeyed the Void Lord's orders.

message 2: by attila (new)

attila (probablyafk) | 2 comments Wonderful. I'll start on my character sheet in a sec.

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