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message 1: by Bea (new)

Bea I started Percy Jackson when I was starting on MG books but I didn't finish the series. Now that I am way you think I should re-read them? Or would they seem too MG-ish? I've heard young and old people praise them but I'm wondering... what's (if they is) the age range?

message 2: by Cordelianne (new)

Cordelianne | 97 comments Hi, I personally really enjoyed this series. I read them once when I was younger and also once recently, so I could continue with the spin off series. I did enjoy the original series exactly a lot more. They are so easy to read and you can fly trough them. Honestly within 3 hours the book will probably be finished and the series is pretty entertaining!

message 3: by Jordan (new)

Jordan | 8 comments I have the set.. Maybe i should start reading them to bang em all out.. Who doesnt love greek mythology retelling?!

message 4: by Cordelianne (new)

Cordelianne | 97 comments Yes you should, like right now, I read them during the summer vacation and I read a book a day, because they were so good!!

message 5: by . ::Super_Nova:: . (last edited Mar 28, 2018 05:07PM) (new)

.     ::Super_Nova::     . (nysanova) | 5 comments ...I read off the series in like a week.
(ooh that included me not moving from the bed except for food or to go to the bathroom)
It would have been sooner if they had let me carry the book with me to prom.
But NOOOO.....apparently I'm not supposed to be reading at a social gathering thing like prom.
(problems of antisocial people..)

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