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Shadows of Men (The Watchers Book 1)
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M. Lee Holmes

Shadows of Men (The Watchers Book 1) by M. Lee Holmes

Shadows of Men

When Rhada, High Protector of Kaena, is commanded by the King to travel north to investigate a suspicious disturbance, she is less than thrilled to spend over a month on the road. As her companion, she chooses Captain Mayvard Stoneward, the only person who can bear her company. The two of them set off on a journey that will forever change their lives- a journey where Rhada’s past seems to follow her everywhere she goes- a past that the people of the realm have not so easily forgotten.
Meanwhile, Lord Ivran Cassius has plans to overthrow the throne, and at his side is the entire realm, eager to rid themselves of the man who calls himself King. Rhada’s absence leaves King Firion vulnerable, and Lord Ivran only needs to find the right moment to strike.
But none of them are expecting the darkness that has gathered in the north- an ancient sorcerer, seemingly returned from the dead. He is a man who can raise the dead from their graves and control the minds of his prey- a man desperately seeking vengeance.
The realm of Kaena will have to come together to fight this new evil, and only one person can save them all.

Shadows of Men is the first book in the The Watchers series.

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