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Bellevue Square is the first novel in a triptych (not a series, but three related novels) titled Modern Ghosts. What do you hope to see in the upcoming books? Would you like to explore the story of one of the side characters? Or perhaps learn more about the mysterious drug (if it exists), “No Mind”?”

Jaime Grover (jaimborainbow) | 23 comments Mod
It would be interesting if Redhill chooses to explore some side characters in the upcoming novels. I would especially like to know more about (I can't remember his name at all, but I think it started with a 'C') the man who was a patient at the hospital that Jean visited, but was pretending to be a doctor when she bumped into him there. He kept telling her about No Mind and I think it would be interesting to explore that story a little bit further. Perhaps it would even help clarify or add to some of the events that occur in Bellevue Square!

I do wonder what he plans to do with this triptych. Very curious to see in what ways the three will end up relating to each other!

Ashley | 116 comments Mod
I think it is so fascinating that Redhill specifically uses the word "triptych" to describe his writing endeavor. As an art history student, I am familiar with the concept of triptychs, and love the idea. That these works are bound together/ must be viewed together, but also have their individual identity and meaning. In a way, I almost feel disappointed because this choice of word makes me feel like Redhill does not want to give the impression that the works will be a series, connected by characters and places, etc. And I have become so fascinated by Jean. I will definitely check out the next book when it arrives!

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