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Second Chance AT LIFE

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Rodney Barnes (rodneylb) | 8 comments I cannot believe that God gave me a second chance at life, when I was far from Him... Now at this point in my life, I clearly see the reason. I am trying to fulfill the purpose He had in allowing me to survive a traumatic brain injury... Are you going through a stage in your life where your asking yourself what, when, how, and why I am living on this planet? Join in and lets talk about it!

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Rodney Barnes (rodneylb) | 8 comments I don't know. He has allowed me to live again after going through a major traumatic brain injury/surgery. God works in people's lives for a reason. If He wants you, He will take you! He was not ready for me yet, I BELIEVE HE had a purpose for me to be here on this planet! NOW, I AM LIVING TO FULFILL THIS PURPOSE... I do not take life for granted now...

DO LIKE TO READ? I just published a book called, "My Miracle" and its about before, during, after, and up to this point in my life since I had this very bad traumatic brain injury... You can find it on

Maybe it can help you understand God, people, and second chances. Take care and have a wonderful day...

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God did this to you to show he loves you. Now, you have to chance to give back to Him and thank Him. You would not be here today if he did not love you or believe in you. He allowed the nurses and doctors to have a cure for you. If you have faith in God, he will have faith in you. He will protect you from any harm if you believe in Him.

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Rodney Barnes (rodneylb) | 8 comments Yes, people do get in accidents, but lets hope and pray that if you get in an accident, you'll be taking care of by the one who could take you from this Earth so easy!!!

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Rodney Barnes (rodneylb) | 8 comments Gretchen wrote: "God did this to you to show he loves you. Now, you have to chance to give back to Him and thank Him. You would not be here today if he did not love you or believe in you. He allowed the nurses and ..."

THANK YOU, someone needs to sit down with this boy and teach him REAL INFORMATION out this world. OR, MAYBE HE SOULD READ MY BOOK, "My Miracle!" In a way, I was like him! But, that was before I laid in a coma and the docotrs and nurses told my mom they were sorry for me and they tried!

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My father is a doctor and sometimes he can not help someone who is hurt. By the strong choice of words you use, it proves to me that you don't care about life. "there is no way I would ever read a piece of trash like your book."
Wow if you just want to argue on this page then leave. I will pray for you and hope you change your lifestyle. One day when you could be dead or alive, would you still be saying all this?

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go to this:
My grandmother told me about this woman. And I have changed totally. Yes, I would go to church on Sundays with my family, but now I am closer with God.

message 8: by Rob (new)

Rob (merovigan) You cannot believe? do.

Wow, I hope your book doesn't have such glaring errors as your writing here does!

Good luck selling your book. I hope it makes you lots and lots of money because if it does I'm sure you'll give it all to charity.

I'm SURE of it.

P.S. Make sure you mention the name of your book in every posting you make too...oh, wait, you've got that base covered. Nevermind!

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Rob (merovigan) Gretchen wrote: "go to this:
My grandmother told me about this woman. And I have changed totally. Yes, I would go to church..."

You've changed totally...because of a story on the computer your mother told you about?

I think that's sad - that it took so little for you to change. It makes me think you weren't really about much before then. It makes me think your life wasn't really on track, or going well.

Mine wasn't either until I fixed it. I was a Christian when it wasn't going well, I was an atheist when I fixed it. How do you explain that?

The story says
The overarching message of Anne's apostolate is God's joyful embrace of our humanity...
God's invitation to holiness has an undeniable moral demand, one that should not be understood as "dictatorial," she said. We should resist sin because it "wounds the self, the soul, and moves out in the world, leaving behind human debris."
Whatever you think of Anne as a locutionist, that's a message the world needs to hear.

Ya know, I completely agree! "Sin" is supposed to be synonymous with moral mistakes, and I think that those mistakes leave behind "debris."

Isn't it weird that this woman doesn't say that "Not accepting Jesus as your personal savior wounds the self?" I mean, if she's pro-Christian, then shouldn't she be embracing the Christian Dogma? The Dogma teaches that our good deeds are rags before god, and that the only way to be saved is to worhsip Jesus.

Oh, but wait, Anne is just telling us to be good to one not sin, because it hurts people when that happens...that's not a Christian message...hell, I'm an Atheist and I agree with that message!

Being a good person is something that an Atheist strives for. What's funny to me is that Atheists and Christians should have the same goals, because we all want to be good people. Ostensibly, at least.

But, what's weird to me is that Christians say that part of being a good person is having this one special magical thought in my head, while I'm also being a good person.

What's ironic is that that magitcal thought often makes it impossible to be a good person, and that's why I reject it.

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Rodney Barnes (rodneylb) | 8 comments God is good. The devil is bad. Some people follow God, others follow the devil.

Who do you want to follow? That is...

A certain "Little boy" most likely follows the devil because that person has NO insight to being a good person.

message 11: by Rob (new)

Rob (merovigan) Do you hear how simple your argument is? "God good, devil bad!"

My four year old can understand that, it's so simple.

Is that how you see the world - it's so simple and easy to understand that by the age of four we've learned everything we need to know? My child's moral code need not develop beyond "God good...devil Bad!"

So, when God tells you to go kill people by throwing stones at them, why don't you? Are you following Satan like me, because when god commands me to kill people (like he does over and over again in the bible)I tell him where he can shove it.

Well, figuratively anyway. If I actually told god where he can shove it I'd be talking to myself!

But really, is that your moral code? "If I can justify it with the bible, it's good!"

Good luck with that.

And please stay FAR away from me.

And ballot boxes.

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Rodney Barnes (rodneylb) | 8 comments Nathan,

All I am saying is, before my accident/injury I did not take time to learn about God. NOW, my life has become greater in respect to knowing of Him and being a part of his life (allowing Him into my life). Before my accident, I was living my own life, doing wrong things, and not caring about myself... I had to have this accident to see the real world and a better life person.

message 13: by Rob (new)

Rob (merovigan) Nathan wrote: "Before my accident, I was living my own life, doing wrong things, and not caring about myself... I had to have this accident to see the real world and a better life person.

Okay, so you had to hav..."

Exactly. Rodney, what makes you think that I am just like you were before your accident?

Oh I get were an atheist before, and then you accepted god.

So all atheists are like you were before you had the accident, and we can either choose god or satan?

Is that transference, or projection? I always get my psychological terms mixed up.

Whatever you call it, it's mal-formed thinking. Only you were like you before the accident. So don't put your stuff on me.

I grew up DESPERATE for some sort of singular, unifying code of ethic and moral conduct. I was sorely disappointed with the religion of my parents, because I quickly learned that there were "the rules" and then there was reality, where people used the rules to judge others, not themselves.

So my lesson has been that there are a lot of amazing and awesome people who call themselves Christians, and so I'm careful to attack the ideology, but not the people. A lot of Christians live by the book, as best their moral code allows, and I respect that. I just don't understand it. At all. But, I'm a minimalist so...maybe it's a "style" thing?

I've digressed.

All I'm trying to say is that I think you've confused who you were, before the accident, with who we are. It's an easy mistake to make, but either prove me wrong or please stop making it.

You have no excuse now.

message 14: by Mikey (new)

Mikey S | 11 comments all i know is that when you except god into your heart you know for sure that he is our true lord. i got into a car accident a few years back and god breathed life back into me when i was on the operating table. he gave me a second channce because he knew that i'd find him. i can't say anything to prove that he is real but when you know it you know it.

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Mikey S | 11 comments the proof is in the pudding of my heart. when you believe in god he gives you the power to know for sure that he is our lord.

message 16: by Mikey (new)

Mikey S | 11 comments no. once you believe in god, you are given the holy power to KNOW FOR SURE that you are right. you can't know unless you fell it inside your heart. not your head, your heart.

message 17: by Mikey (new)

Mikey S | 11 comments no.

message 18: by Mikey (new)

Mikey S | 11 comments i'll tell you how it works. step 1: believe in the one true god Step 2: GOD ENLIGHTENS YOU. this is the part that you have not experienced yet. god literally gives you the power to KNOW FOR SURE. he doesn't give you the power to believe because you already did. he gives you the power to know and that is that. why can't you just except that you couldn't possibly know this and that i could because i have experienced it? have you never believed someone about their experiences because you never had them? just except the truth, nathan. that's all i ask.

message 19: by Mikey (new)

Mikey S | 11 comments you'd know the feeling of knowing if god chose to give it to you. it's not just believing. one day you feel the surge of the power of knowledge. it's phsyical, mental, and emotional. you feel like you could lift 1000 horses. god speaks to us with feelings.

message 20: by Rodney (new)

Rodney Barnes (rodneylb) | 8 comments OR, maybe he just don't want to waste his time speaking to you. Take care, Nathan.

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