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message 1: by Rach (last edited Mar 27, 2018 02:09AM) (new)

Rach I (snipsterxx) | 11 comments Hi all,

I’m after a few beta readers for the first three chapters of my contemporary romance/suspense. The novel is completed but am focusing on the first three chapters for now. You can read the rest of it too if you want.

It’s about 7000 words and first person. It’s not a “beach read” romance, but still light and funny with some dry British humour.

Let me know if anyone wants to give it a read. I’d be happy to swap, but would prefer similar genres. Romance/women’s lit/literary/YA are my favourites.

Synopsis below!

DM me or send me a message below. Thank you!

Alison is new to London and falls in with a high society crowd through her work as a nanny. While she thinks she’s on the path of meeting new friends - including the handsome Ben Baynes - and finally fitting in somewhere, she ends up falling into a new world of fortune, secrets and deceit.

Things get even more complicated when Ben’s turbulent past catches up to him. Ben isn’t fussed by much, but if he had his way, he wouldn’t want the girl with the disappointed face to find out everything.

Does Alison believe her instincts and trust what she knows, or does she take a risk and believe the boy with the mischievous grin? Or, does she have a choice at all?

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Noelle Strader | 10 comments Sending you a message!

message 3: by Monica (new)

Monica Cardoza Hi AP,
I'll swap 3 chapters of my completed contemporary humorous romance. I think similar word count to yours, maybe a little less. If you're interested, email me your work, and I'll send you my chapters along with my pitch.

message 4: by Rach (new)

Rach I (snipsterxx) | 11 comments Thanks Monica! Will email you :)

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