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Cole Brandon Hey Librarian Friends!
I noticed this book is listed as having about 500 pages, when really it has over 1,000. Could this be fixed. Thank you!

Will Once That may reflect the difference between the original and the uncut version. Should GR change it to show the length of the uncut version, especially as that is the only version that you can buy these days? I really don't know.

Cole Brandon Ah that makes sense. Yea I’m not sure either, I suppose if they cannot do an uncut and abridged version to go with what is read more. Thank you for your time!

Mike Marsbergen I see a Turkish version at 400 pages, but I suspect it's been split into more than one book, like what happened with some paperback copies of Under the Dome.

Cole Brandon I hope Goodreads can implement a system which recognizes these kinds of variants for individual novels,

Cole Brandon So there is a solution! Click on any book, and right above the book description there is a tile labeled “book details.” Click on this and one of the options is “editions.” Click this, and every published edition of the book is available, and Goodreads gives you the option to switch to any of those editions. Easy fix.

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