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SPOILERS - Wolf cubs question...
Cassie Cassie Jul 25, 2014 12:06AM
Agian, SPOILERS for various things that have been happening over the last year of Fables... but if you've read all the released GNs, then no spoilers for you...

Am I crazy or through out this story arc are there four wolf cubs, three of which are boys? This is supposed to be taking place during the Camelot story arc, which means Dare is gone. But, he definitely seems to be there. This drove me nuts the whole time I was reading!

This bothered me greatly as well. Therese and Dare are gone, Winter is off being the North Wind and Ghost is, well, invisible. So we should have Ambrose, Blossom and Conner left but in the art it definitely looks as though Dare is there.

There are 7 total. I'd have to pull this book out to see which are noted. You remember there was an invisible one, a pure wind, which wasn't ever featured much (or well). A failure on the writer's part, IMHO.

Cassie Yeah, 7 cubs - 3 girls, 3 boys, and the wind. But, by the time this GN takes place, two of the cubs are gone. So there should be two boys and two girl ...more
Jan 11, 2015 01:15AM

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